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Day History: August-1

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Famous Birthdays

10 BC- Claudius -Roman emperor (d. 54)

126- Pertinax -Roman emperor (d. 193)

1068- Emperor Taizu of Jin -(d. 1123)

1313- Emperor Kōgon -of Japan (d. 1364)

1377- Emperor Go-Komatsu -of Japan (d. 1433)

1545- Andrew Melville -Scottish theologian and scholar (d. 1622)

1555- Edward Kelley -English occultist (d. 1597)

1579- Luis Vélez de Guevara -Spanish author and playwright (d. 1644)

1626- Sabbatai Zevi -Montenegrin rabbi (d. 1676)

1630- Thomas Clifford, 1st Baron Clifford of Chudleigh -English politician, Lord High Treasurer (d. 1673)

1659- Sebastiano Ricci -Italian painter (d. 1734)

1713- Charles I, Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel -(d. 1780)

1714- Richard Wilson (painter)|Richard Wilson -Welsh painter (d. 1782)

1738- Jacques François Dugommier -French general (d. 1794)

1744- Jean-Baptiste Lamarck -French soldier, biologist, and academic (d. 1829)

1770- William Clark (explorer)|William Clark -American soldier, explorer, and politician, 4th List of Governors of Missouri|Governor of Missouri Territory (d. 1838)

1779- Francis Scott Key -American lawyer, author, and poet (d. 1843)

1779- Lorenz Oken -German-Swiss botanist, biologist, and ornithologist (d. 1851)

1809- William B. Travis -American colonel and lawyer (d. 1836)

1815- Richard Henry Dana, Jr. -American lawyer and politician (d. 1882)

1818- Maria Mitchell -American astronomer and academic (d. 1889)

1819- Herman Melville -American author and poet (d. 1891)

1831- Antonio Cotogni -Italian opera singer (d. 1918)

1841- Lilli Suburg -Estonian journalist (d. 1923)

1843- Robert Todd Lincoln -American lawyer and politician, 35th United States Secretary of War (d. 1926)

1856- George Coulthard -Australian footballer and cricketer (d. 1883)

1858- Gaston Doumergue -French politician, 13th President of France (d. 1937)

1858- Hans Rott -Austrian organist and composer (d. 1884)

1861- Sammy Jones -Australian cricketer (d. 1951)

1871- John Lester -American cricketer and soccer player (d. 1969)

1877- George Hackenschmidt -Estonian-English wrestler and strongman (d. 1968)

1881- Otto Toeplitz -German mathematician and academic (d. 1940)

1885- George de Hevesy -Hungarian-German chemist, Nobel Prize for Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1966)

1889- Walter Gerlach -German physicist and academic (d. 1979)

1891- Karl Kobelt -Swiss politician (d. 1968)

1892- Kinsan Ginsan|Gin Kanie -Japanese centenarian (d. 2001)

1892- Kinsan Ginsan|Kin Narita -Japanese centenarian (d. 2000)

1893- Alexander of Greece -(d. 1920)

1894- Ottavio Bottecchia -Italian cyclist (d. 1927)

1899- Raymond Mays -English race car driver (d. 1980)

1900- Otto Nothling -Australian cricketer and rugby player (d. 1965)

1901- Francisco Guilledo -Filipino boxer (d. 1925)

1903- Paul Horgan -American historian, author, and academic (d. 1995)

1907- Eric Shipton -Sri Lankan-English mountaineer and explorer (d. 1977)

1910- James Henry Govier -English painter and illustrator (d. 1974)

1910- Mohammad Nissar -Indian cricketer (d. 1963)

1910- Walter Scharf -American composer (d. 2003)

1911- Jackie Ormes -American cartoonist (d. 1985)

1912- Henry Jones (actor)|Henry Jones -American actor (d. 1999)

1914- J. Lee Thompson -English-Canadian director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2002)

1916- Fiorenzo Angelini -Italian cardinal

1916- Anne Hébert -Canadian author and poet (d. 2000)

1918- T. J. Jemison -American clergyman and activist (d. 2013)

1918- Richard Pearson (actor)|Richard Pearson -Welsh-English actor (d. 2011)

1919- Stanley Middleton -English author (d. 2009)

1920- Raul Renter -Estonian economist and chess player (d. 1992)

1920- Jeffrey Segal -English actor

1921- Jack Kramer -American tennis player, sailor, and sportscaster (d. 2009)

1922- Arthur Hill (actor)|Arthur Hill -Canadian-American actor (d. 2006)

1923- Val Bettin -American voice actor

1924- Marcia Mae Jones -American actress and singer (d. 2007)

1924- Frank Worrell -Barbadian cricketer (d. 1967)

1925- Ernst Jandl -Austrian poet and author (d. 2000)

1926- Theo Adam -German opera singer

1926- George Hauptfuhrer -American basketball player and lawyer (d. 2013)

1927- Anthony G. Bosco -American bishop (d. 2013)

1928- Jack Shea (director)|Jack Shea -American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2013)

1929- Hafizullah Amin -Afghan educator and politician, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Afghanistan)|Minister of Foreign Affairs for Afghanistan (d. 1979)

1929- Ann Calvello -American roller derby racer (d. 2006)

1930- Lionel Bart -English composer (d. 1999)

1930- Pierre Bourdieu -French sociologist, anthropologist, and philosopher (d. 2002)

1930- Julie Bovasso -American actress (d. 1991)

1930- Lawrence Eagleburger -American lieutenant and politician, 62nd United States Secretary of State (d. 2011)

1930- Károly Grósz -Hungarian politician, 51st Prime Minister of Hungary (d. 1996)

1930- Geoffrey Holder -Trinidadian-American actor, singer, dancer, and choreographer (d. 2014)

1931- Ramblin' Jack Elliott -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1931- Trevor Goddard (cricketer)|Trevor Goddard -South African cricketer

1932- Meir Kahane -American rabbi and activist, founded the Jewish Defense League (d. 1990)

1932- Meena Kumari -Indian actress (d. 1972)

1933- Dom DeLuise -American actor, singer, director, and producer (d. 2009)

1933- Masaichi Kaneda -Japanese baseball player and manager

1933- Teri Shields -American actress and producer (d. 2012)

1933- Dušan Třeštík -Czech historian and author (d. 2007)

1934- John Beck (cricketer)|John Beck -New Zealand cricketer (d. 2000)

1934- Derek Birdsall -English graphic designer

1935- Geoff Pullar -English cricketer

1936- W. D. Hamilton -Egyptian-English biologist, psychologist, and academic (d. 2000)

1936- Yves Saint Laurent (designer)|Yves Saint Laurent -Algerian-French fashion designer, co-founded Yves Saint Laurent (brand)|Yves Saint Laurent (d. 2008)

1936- Laurie Taylor (sociologist)|Laurie Taylor -English sociologist, radio host, and academic

1937- Al D'Amato -American lawyer and politician

1939- Terry Kiser -American actor

1939- Stephen Sykes -English bishop and theologian (d. 2014)

1939- Robert James Waller -American author and photographer

1940- Mervyn Kitchen -English cricketer and umpire

1940- Ram Loevy -Israeli director and screenwriter

1940- Henry Silverman -American businessman, founded the Cendant| Cendant Corporation

1941- Ron Brown (U.S. politician)|Ron Brown -American captain and politician, 30th United States Secretary of Commerce (d. 1996)

1941- Étienne Roda-Gil -French songwriter and screenwriter (d. 2004)

1942- Jerry Garcia -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Grateful Dead, Legion of Mary (band)|Legion of Mary, Reconstruction (band)|Reconstruction, Old and in the Way, and New Riders of the Purple Sage) (d. 1995)

1942- Giancarlo Giannini -Italian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1944- Dmitry Nikolayevich Filippov -Russian banker and politician (d. 1998)

1944- Andrew G. Vajna -Hungarian-American film producer

1945- Sandi Griffiths -American singer

1945- Douglas Osheroff -American physicist and academic, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate

1946- Boz Burrell -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (King Crimson and Bad Company) (d. 2006)

1946- Rick Coonce -American drummer (The Grass Roots) (d. 2011)

1946- Richard O. Covey -American colonel, pilot, and astronaut

1946- Peter Scott (educationalist)|Peter Scott -English journalist and academic

1946- Fiona Stanley -Australian epidemiologist

1947- Chris Barnard (footballer)|Chris Barnard -Welsh footballer

1947- Terrance W. Gainer -American police officer

1947- Lorna Goodison -Jamaican poet and author

1947- Dennis Zine -American politician

1948- Avi Arad -Israeli-American screenwriter and producer, founded Marvel Studios

1948- Cliff Branch -American football player

1948- David Gemmell -English author (d. 2006)

1949- Kurmanbek Bakiyev -Kyrgyzstani politician, 2nd President of Kyrgyzstan

1949- Ray Nettles -American football player (d. 2009)

1950- Bunkhouse Buck -American wrestler

1950- Jim Carroll -American poet and author (d. 2009)

1950- Roy Williams (coach)|Roy Williams -American basketball player and coach

1951- Tim Bachman -Canadian singer and guitarist (Bachman-Turner Overdrive and Brave Belt)

1951- Tommy Bolin -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Deep Purple, Zephyr (band)|Zephyr, and James Gang) (d. 1976)

1951- Pete Mackanin -American baseball player, coach, and manager

1952- Zoran Đinđić -Serbian politician, 6th Prime Minister of Serbia (d. 2003)

1952- Yajurvindra Singh -Indian cricketer

1953- Robert Cray -American singer and guitarist

1953- Howard Kurtz -American journalist and author

1954- James Gleick -American journalist and author

1954- Benno Möhlmann -German footballer and manager

1955- Trevor Berbick -Jamaican-Canadian boxer (d. 2006)

1955- Arun Lal -Indian cricketer and sportscaster

1956- Janet Beer -English academic

1956- Ok-Hee Ku -South Korean golfer (d. 2013)

1957- C. J. Laing -American porn actress

1956- Tom Leykis -American radio host

1956- Lewis Smith -American actor

1957- Taylor Negron -American actor

1958- Rob Buck -American guitarist and songwriter (10,000 Maniacs) (d. 2000)

1958- Adrian Dunbar -Irish actor

1958- Tor Håkon Holte -Norwegian skier

1958- Michael Penn -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Doll Congress)

1958- Kiki Vandeweghe -American basketball player and coach

1959- Joe Elliott -English singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (Def Leppard, Atomic Mass (band)|Atomic Mass, and Down 'n' Outz)

1959- Yoshihide Ōtomo -Japanese guitarist and songwriter (Ground Zero (band)|Ground Zero and Filament (band)|Filament)

1960- Chuck D -American rapper and producer (Public Enemy (group)|Public Enemy, The Bomb Squad, and Confrontation Camp)

1960- Suzi Gardner -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (L7 (band)|L7)

1960- Professor Griff -American rapper (Public Enemy (group)|Public Enemy and Confrontation Camp)

1962- Jesse Borrego -American actor and singer

1962- Jacob Matlala -South African boxer (d. 2013)

1963- Coolio -American rapper, producer, and actor (WC and the Maad Circle)

1963- Demián Bichir -Mexican-American actor

1963- John Carroll Lynch -American actor

1963- Lynette Sadleir -New Zealand swimmer

1963- Koichi Wakata -Japanese astronaut and engineer

1963- Dean Wareham -New Zealand singer-songwriter and guitarist (Galaxie 500, Luna (band)|Luna, and Dean & Britta)

1964- Adam Duritz -American singer-songwriter and producer (Counting Crows and The Himalayans)

1964- Kaspar Capparoni -Italian actor

1964- Fiona Hyslop -Scottish politician

1965- Sam Mendes -English director and producer

1965- Brandt Jobe -American golfer

1966- James St. James -American club promoter and author

1966- George Ducas (singer)|George Ducas -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1967- Gregg Jefferies -American baseball player and coach

1967- José Padilha -Brazilian director, producer and screenwriter

1968- Stacey Augmon -American basketball player and coach

1968- Dan Donegan -American guitarist (Disturbed (band)|Disturbed, Fight or Flight (band)|Fight or Flight, and Vandal (band)|Vandal)

1968- Shigetoshi Hasegawa -Japanese baseball player

1969- Andrei Borissov -Estonian footballer and manager

1969- Kevin Jarvis -American baseball player

1969- Graham Thorpe -English cricketer and journalist

1969- Stuart Wade -English actor

1969- David Wain -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1970- Quentin Coryatt -American football player

1970- David James (footballer)|David James -English footballer and manager

1970- Elon Lindenstrauss -Israeli mathematician and academic

1971- Ágúst Gylfason -Icelandic footballer

1971- Jorge Eduardo Costilla Sánchez -Mexican drug lord

1971- Charles Malik Whitfield -American actor

1972- Devon Hughes -American wrestler

1972- Martin Damm -Czech tennis player

1972- Nicke Andersson -Swedish singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Hellacopters The Solution (band)|The Solution, The Hydromatics, and Imperial State Electric)

1972- Christer Basma -Norwegian footballer and coach

1972- Todd Bouman -American football player and coach

1972- Tanya Reid -Canadian actress

1972- Thomas Woods -American historian, economist, and educator

1973- Gregg Berhalter -American soccer player and coach

1973- Tempestt Bledsoe -American actress

1973- Veerle Dejaeghere -Belgian runner

1973- Eduardo Noriega (Spanish actor)|Eduardo Noriega -Spanish actor

1973- Kris Holden-Ried -Canadian actor

1973- Edurne Pasaban -Spanish mountaineer

1974- Marek Galiński (cyclist)|Marek Galiński -Polish cyclist (d. 2014)

1974- Dennis Lawrence -Trinidadian footballer and coach

1974- Beckie Scott -Canadian skier

1975- Vhrsti -Czech author and illustrator

1975- Teresa Mak -Hong Kong actress

1975- Ane Dahl Torp -Norwegian actress

1976- Søren Jochumsen -Danish footballer

1976- Nwankwo Kanu -Nigerian footballer

1976- Hasan Şaş -Turkish footballer and manager

1976- Don Hertzfeldt -American animator, producer, screenwriter, and voice actor

1976- David Nemirovsky -Canadian ice hockey player

1976- Cristian Stoica -Romanian-Italian rugby player

1977- Haspop -French-Moroccan dancer, choreographer, and actor

1977- Marc Denis -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1977- Darnerien McCants -American-Canadian football player

1977- Damien Saez -French singer-songwriter and guitarist

1977- Marcel Schlutt -German porn actor and model

1977- Yoshi Tatsu -Japanese wrestler and boxer

1978- Andy Blignaut -Zimbabwean cricketer

1978- Björn Ferry -Swedish biathlete

1978- Dhani Harrison -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (Thenewno2, Traveling Wilburys, and Fistful of Mercy)

1978- Edgerrin James -American football player

1978- Chris Iwelumo -Scottish footballer

1978- Jonathan Wilkes -English singer and actor

1979- Junior Agogo -Ghanaian footballer

1979- Bernadette Flynn -Irish dancer

1979- Jason Momoa -American actor

1979- Honeysuckle Weeks -Welsh actress

1980- Mancini (Brazilian footballer)|Mancini -Brazilian footballer

1980- Romain Barras -French decathlete

1980- Krisztina Fazekas Zur -Hungarian-American canoe racer

1980- Bryan Fisher -English-American actor

1980- Esteban Paredes -Chilean footballer

1981- Brett Chukerman -American actor

1981- Dean Cox -Australian footballer

1981- Vaiko Eplik -Estonian singer-songwriter guitarist, and producer

1981- Taylor Fry -American actress

1981- Pia Haraldsen -Norwegian journalist and author

1981- Christofer Heimeroth -German footballer

1981- Stephen Hunt (footballer, born 1981)|Stephen Hunt -Irish footballer

1981- Jamie Jones-Buchanan -English rugby player

1981- Miracle Laurie -American actress

1981- Ashley Parker Angel -American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and actor (O-Town (band)|O-Town)

1981- Sally Pressman -American actress and dancer

1982- Basem Fathi -Jordanian footballer

1982- Kimberly Holland -American model

1982- Montserrat Lombard -English actress

1982- Oluchi Onweagba -Nigerian model

1982- Ai Tominaga -Japanese model and actress

1983- Bobby Carpenter (American football)|Bobby Carpenter -American football player

1983- Craig Clarke -New Zealand rugby player

1983- Julien Faubert -French footballer

1983- David Gervasi -Swiss decathlete

1984- Steve Feak -American game designer

1984- Francesco Gavazzi -Italian cyclist

1984- Brandon Kintzler -American baseball player

1984- Valery Ortiz -Puerto Rican-American actress and singer

1984- Bastian Schweinsteiger -German footballer

1985- Stuart Holden -Scottish-American soccer player

1985- Adam Jones (baseball)|Adam Jones -American baseball player

1985- Hyun Jyu-ni -South Korean singer and actress

1985- Cole Kimball -American baseball player

1985- Gegard Mousasi -Iranian-Dutch mixed martial artist and kick-boxer

1985- Tendai Mtawarira -South African rugby player

1985- Kris Stadsgaard -Danish footballer

1985- Dušan Švento -Slovak footballer

1986- Damien Allen -English footballer

1986- Elijah Kelley -American actor, singer, and dancer

1986- Jonas Plass -German sprinter

1986- Jörn Schlönvoigt -German actor and singer

1986- Lucas Simón -Argentinian footballer

1986- Anton Strålman -Swedish ice hockey player

1986- Andrew Taylor (footballer, born 1986)|Andrew Taylor -English footballer

1986- Elena Vesnina -Russian tennis player

1986- Mike Wallace (American football)|Mike Wallace -American football player

1987- Stan (singer)|Stan -Greek singer-songwriter

1987- Karen Carney -English footballer

1987- Jakov Fak -Croatian-Slovenian biathlete

1987- Rumi Hiiragi -Japanese actress

1987- Sébastien Pocognoli -Belgian footballer

1987- Lee Wallace -Scottish footballer

1988- Mustafa Abdellaoue -Norwegian footballer

1988- Max Carver -American actor

1988- Sasha Jackson -English-American actress

1988- Patryk Małecki -Polish footballer

1988- Joanna Wang -Taiwanese singer-songwriter

1989- Tiffany (South Korean singer)|Tiffany -American-South Korean singer, dancer, and actress (Girls' Generation and Girls' Generation-TTS)

1989- Madison Bumgarner -American baseball player

1989- Tomoka Kurokawa -Japanese actress

1990- Aledmys Díaz -Cuban baseball player

1990- Jean Hugues Gregoire -Mauritian swimmer

1990- Elton Jantjies -South African rugby player

1990- Jack O'Connell (actor)|Jack O'Connell -English actor

1991- Marco Puntoriere -Italian footballer

1992- Austin Rivers -American basketball player

1993- Álex Abrines -Spanish basketball player

1993- Leon Thomas III -American actor and singer

1994- Sergeal Petersen -South African rugby player

1994- Ayaka Wada -Japanese singer (S/mileage, Hello Pro Kenshūsei, and Shugo Chara Egg!)

1995- Derrick Monasterio -Filipino actor, singer, and dancer

1996- Katie Boulter -English tennis player

1996- Cymphonique Miller -American actress and singer

1996- Ellona Santiago -Filipino-American singer

1998- Khamani Griffin -American actor