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Events History

193- Septimius Severus|Lucius Septimius Severus -is proclaimed Emperor by his troops in Illyricum (Roman province)|Illyricum (Balkans). He marches with his army (16 Roman legion|legions) to Ancient Rome|Rome.

475- Byzantine Emperor -Basiliscus issues a circular letter (''Enkyklikon'') to the bishops of his empire, supporting the Monophysitism|Monophysite christological position.

537- Siege of Rome (537–538)|Siege of Rome -The Byzantine general Belisarius receives his promised reinforcements, 1,600 cavalry, mostly of Huns|Hunnic or Slavic peoples|Slavic origin and expert Archery|bowmen. He starts, despite shortages, raids against the Ostrogoths|Gothic camps and Vitiges is forced into a stalemate.

1241- Battle of Legnica|Battle of Liegnitz -Mongol Empire|Mongol forces defeat the Polish and German armies.

1288- Mongol invasions of Vietnam -Yuan Dynasty|Yuan forces are defeated by Tran Dynasty|Tran forces in the Battle of Bạch Đằng (1288)|Battle of Bach Dang in present-day northern Vietnam.

1388-Despite being outnumbered 16 to 1, forces of the Old Swiss Confederacy -are victorious over the Archduchy of Austria in the Battle of Näfels.

1413- Henry V of England|Henry V -is crowned List of English monarchs|King of England.

1440- Christopher of Bavaria -is appointed King of Denmark.

1454-The Treaty of Lodi -is signed, establishing a balance of power among northern Italian city-states for almost 50 years.

1511- St John's College, Cambridge -England, founded by Lady Margaret Beaufort, receives its charter.

1585-The expedition organised by Sir Walter Raleigh -departs England for Roanoke Island (now in North Carolina) to establish the Roanoke Colony.

1609- Eighty Years' War -Spanish Empire|Spain and the Dutch Republic sign the Treaty of Antwerp (1609)|Treaty of Antwerp to initiate twelve years of truce.

1682- René-Robert Cavelier, Sieur de La Salle|Robert Cavelier de La Salle -discovers the mouth of the Mississippi River, claims it for France and names it Louisiana (New France)|Louisiana.

1782- American War of Independence -Battle of the Saintes begins.

1860-On his phonautograph -machine, Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville makes the history of sound recording|oldest known recording of an audible human voice.

1865- American Civil War -Robert E. Lee surrenders the Army of Northern Virginia (26,765 troops) to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Courthouse, Virginia, effectively ending the war.

1867- Alaska Purchase -Passing by a single vote, the United States Senate ratifies a treaty with Russia for the purchase of Alaska.

1909-The Congress of the United States|U.S. Congress -passes the Payne–Aldrich Tariff Act.

1914- Mexican Revolution -One of the world's first Action of 9 April 1914|naval/air skirmishes takes place off the coast of western Mexico.

1916- World War I -The Battle of Verdun

1918-The National Council of Bessarabia -proclaims Union of Bessarabia with Romania|union with the Kingdom of Romania.

1937-The '' Kamikaze (1937 aircraft)|Kamikaze -' arrives at Croydon Airport in London

1939- Marian Anderson -sings at the Lincoln Memorial, after being denied the right to sing at the Daughters of the American Revolution's Constitution Hall.

1940- World War II -Operation Weserübung

1940- Vidkun Quisling -seizes power in Norway.

1942-World War II: The Battle of Bataan -Bataan Death March

1945-World War II: The German pocket battleship German cruiser Admiral Scheer|''Admiral Scheer'' -is sunk by the Royal Air Force

1945-World War II: The Battle of Königsberg -in East Prussia, ends.

1945-The United States Atomic Energy Commission -is formed.

1947-The Glazier–Higgins–Woodward tornadoes -kill 181 and injure 970 in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas.

1947-The Journey of Reconciliation -the first interracial Freedom Ride begins through the upper Southern United States|South in violation of Jim Crow laws. The riders wanted enforcement of the United States Supreme Court's 1946 Irene Morgan decision that banned racial segregation in interstate travel.

1948- Jorge Eliécer Gaitán -s assassination provokes a violent riot in Bogotá (the ''Bogotazo''), and a further ten years of violence in Colombia known as ''La violencia''.

1948-Fighters from the Irgun -and Lehi (group)|Lehi Zionist paramilitary groups attacked Deir Yassin near Jerusalem, Deir Yassin massacre|killing over 100.

1952- Hugo Ballivián -s government is overthrown by the Bolivian National Revolution, starting a period of agrarian reform, universal suffrage and the nationalisation of tin mines

1957-The Suez Canal -in Egypt is cleared and opens to shipping.

1959- Project Mercury -NASA announces the selection of the United States' first seven astronauts, whom the news media quickly dub the "Mercury Seven".

1960-Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd -Prime Minister of South Africa and architect of apartheid, narrowly survives an assassination attempt by a white farmer called David Pratt (assassin)|David Pratt in Johannesburg.

1961-The Pacific Electric Railway -in Los Angeles, once the largest electric railway in the world, ends operations.

1965- Astrodome -opens. First indoor baseball game is played.

1967-The first Boeing 737 -(a 100 series) makes its maiden flight.

1969-The " Chicago Eight -plead not guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to incite a riot at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

1969-The first British-built Concorde -002 makes its maiden flight from Filton to RAF Fairford.

1975-The first game of the Philippine Basketball Association -the second oldest professional basketball league in the world.

1975-8 people in South Korea, who are involved in People's Revolutionary Party Incident -are hanged.

1980-The Iraq -regime of Saddam Hussein kills philosopher Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr and his sister Bint al-Huda after three days of torture.

1981-The United States Navy|U.S. Navy -nuclear submarine {{USS|George Washington|SSBN-598|6}} accidentally collides with the ''Nissho Maru'', a Japanese cargo ship, sinking it.

1989-The April 9 tragedy -in Tbilisi, Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic, an anti-Soviet peaceful demonstration and hunger strikes, demanding restoration of Georgian independence is dispersed by the Soviet army, resulting in 20 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

1991- Georgia (country)|Georgia -declares independence from the Soviet Union

1992-A United States federal courts|U.S. Federal Court -finds former Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega guilty of drug and racketeering charges. He is sentenced to 30 years in prison.

1999- Battle of Košare -begins, part of Kosovo War.

2003- 2003 invasion of Iraq -Baghdad falls to American forces; Iraqis turn on symbols of their former leader Saddam Hussein, pulling down a grand statue of him and tearing it to pieces.

2005- Wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles -Charles, Prince of Wales marries Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall|Camilla Parker Bowles in a civil ceremony at Windsor, Berkshire|Windsor's Guildhall.

2009-In Tbilisi -Georgia (country)|Georgia, up to 60,000 people 2009 Georgian demonstrations|protest against the government of Mikheil Saakashvili.

Famous Birthdays

1336- Timur -Turkic ruler (d. 1405)

1498- Jean, Cardinal of Lorraine -(d. 1550)

1597- John Davenport (minister)|John Davenport -English minister, co-founded the New Haven Colony (d. 1670)

1598- Johann Crüger -German composer (d. 1662)

1627- Johann Caspar Kerll -German organist and composer (d. 1693)

1634- Countess Albertine Agnes of Nassau -(d. 1696)

1648- Henri de Massue, Earl of Galway -French soldier and diplomat (d. 1720)

1649- James Scott, 1st Duke of Monmouth -Dutch-English general (d. 1685)

1680- Philippe Néricault Destouches -French playwright (d. 1754)

1686- James Craggs the Younger -English politician (d. 1721)

1691- Johann Matthias Gesner -German scholar (d. 1761)

1717- Georg Matthias Monn -Austrian organist, composer, and educator (d. 1750)

1770- Thomas Johann Seebeck -German physicist (d. 1831)

1773- Étienne Aignan -French author and academic (d. 1824)

1794- Theobald Boehm -German flute player and composer (d. 1881)

1802- Elias Lönnrot -Finnish physician and philologist (d. 1884)

1806- Isambard Kingdom Brunel -English engineer, designed the Clifton Suspension Bridge (d. 1859)

1807- James Bannerman -Scottish theologian (d. 1868)

1821- Charles Baudelaire -French poet and critic (d. 1867)

1830- Eadweard Muybridge -English-American photographer (d. 1904)

1835- Leopold II of Belgium -(d. 1909)

1846- Paolo Tosti -Italian-English composer and educator (d. 1916)

1865- Erich Ludendorff -German general (d. 1937)

1865- Charles Proteus Steinmetz -Polish-American mathematician and engineer (d. 1923)

1867- Chris Watson -Chilean-Australian politician, 3rd Prime Minister of Australia (d. 1941)

1867- Charles Winckler -Danish tug of war competitor (d. 1932)

1872- Léon Blum -French politician, Prime Minister of France (d. 1950)

1875- Jacques Futrelle -American journalist and author (d. 1912)

1880- Jan Letzel -Czech architect (d. 1925)

1882- Frederick Francis IV, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin -(d. 1946)

1883- Frank King (cartoonist)|Frank King -American cartoonist (d. 1969)

1888- Sol Hurok -Ukrainian-American talent manager (d. 1974)

1893- Victor Gollancz -English publisher, founded Victor Gollancz Ltd (d. 1967)

1893- Rahul Sankrityayan -Indian historian and author (d. 1963)

1895- Mance Lipscomb -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1976)

1895- Michel Simon -Swiss-French actor (d. 1975)

1897- John B. Gambling -American radio host (d. 1974)

1898- Curly Lambeau -American football player and coach (d. 1965)

1898- Paul Robeson -American singer, actor, and activist (d. 1976)

1900- Allen Jenkins -American actor (d. 1974)

1901- Jean Bruchési -Canadian historian (d. 1979)

1901- Paul Willis (actor)|Paul Willis -American actor (d. 1960)

1902- Théodore Monod -French explorer and scholar (d. 2000)

1903- Ward Bond -American actor (d. 1960)

1904- Sharkey Bonano -American singer, trumpet player, and bandleader (d. 1972)

1905- J. William Fulbright -American politician (d. 1995)

1906- Rafaela Aparicio -Spanish actress (d. 1996)

1906- Antal Doráti -Hungarian-American conductor and composer (d. 1988)

1908- Joseph Krumgold -American author and screenwriter (d. 1980)

1908- Victor Vasarely -Hungarian painter (d. 1997)

1910- Abraham A. Ribicoff -American politician, 80th Governor of Connecticut (d. 1998)

1912- Lev Kopelev -Russian author (d. 1997)

1913- Smaro Stefanidou -Greek actress (d. 2010)

1915- Daniel Johnson, Sr. -Canadian politician, 20th Premier of Quebec (d. 1968)

1917- Johannes Bobrowski -German songwriter and poet (d. 1965)

1917- Ron Burgess (footballer)|Ronnie Burgess -Welsh footballer (d. 2005)

1917- Brad Dexter -American actor (d. 2002)

1918- Jørn Utzon -Danish architect, designed the Sydney Opera House (d. 2008)

1919- J. Presper Eckert -American engineer, invented the ENIAC (d. 1995)

1921- Jean-Marie Balestre -French businessman (d. 2008)

1921- Frankie Thomas -American actor (d. 2006)

1922- Carl Amery -German author and activist (d. 2005)

1923- Leonard Levy -American historian and author (d. 2006)

1925- Virginia Gibson -American actress, singer, and dancer (d. 2013)

1925- Art Kane -American photographer (d. 1995)

1926- Hugh Hefner -American publisher, founded Playboy Enterprises

1928- Paul Arizin -American basketball player (d. 2006)

1928- Tom Lehrer -American singer-songwriter, pianist, and mathematician

1928- Aubrey Woods -English actor and singer (d. 2013)

1929- Sharan Rani Backliwal -Indian sarod player and scholar (d. 2008)

1929- Paule Marshall -American author

1930- Nathaniel Branden -Canadian-American psychotherapist and author

1930- F. Albert Cotton -American chemist (d. 2007)

1930- Wallace McCain -Canadian businessman, founded McCain Foods (d. 2011)

1931- Richard Hatfield -Canadian politician, 26th Premier of New Brunswick (d. 1991)

1932- Jim Fowler -American zoologist and television host

1932- Armin Jordan -Swiss conductor (d. 2006)

1932- Peter Moores -English businessman and philanthropist

1932- Carl Perkins -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (d. 1998)

1933- Jean-Paul Belmondo -French actor

1933- Fern Michaels -American author

1933- Richard Rose (political scientist)|Richard Rose -American political scientist

1934- Bill Birch -New Zealand politician, 38th Minister of Finance (New Zealand)|New Zealand Minister of Finance

1934- Tom Phillis -Australian motorcycle racer (d. 1962)

1935- Aulis Sallinen -Finnish composer and academic

1935- Avery Schreiber -American actor (d. 2002)

1936- Jerzy Maksymiuk -Polish pianist, composer, and conductor

1936- Valerie Solanas -American author (d. 1988)

1937- Simon Brown, Baron Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood -English lieutenant, lawyer, and judge

1937- Sid and Marty Krofft|Marty Krofft -Canadian screenwriter and producer

1937- Valerie Singleton -English television and radio host

1938- Viktor Chernomyrdin -Russian businessman and politician, 30th Prime Minister of Russia (d. 2010)

1938- Rockin' Sidney -American singer (d. 1998)

1939- Michael Learned -American actress

1940- Jim Roberts (ice hockey b. 1940)|Jim Roberts -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1941- Kay Adams (singer)|Kay Adams -American singer

1941- Hannah Gordon -Scottish actress

1941- Chu Song-woong -South Korean actor (d. 1985)

1942- Brandon deWilde -American actor (d. 1972)

1942- Margo Smith -American singer-songwriter

1943- Terry Knight -American singer-songwriter and producer (Terry Knight and the Pack) (d. 2004)

1944- Joe Brinkman -American baseball player and umpire

1945- Steve Gadd -American drummer (Stuff (band)|Stuff, Steps Ahead, and Sunlightsquare)

1945- Peter Gammons -American journalist

1946- Nate Colbert -American baseball player

1946- Mike Hancock (British politician)|Mike Hancock -English politician

1946- Alan Knott -English cricketer

1946- Sara Parkin -Scottish activist and politician

1946- David Webb (footballer)|David Webb -English footballer, coach, and manager

1947- Giovanni Andrea Cornia -Italian development economist

1948- Jaya Bachchan -Indian actress and politician

1948- Michel Parizeau -Canadian ice hockey player and coach

1948- Patty Pravo -Italian singer

1949- Tony Cragg -English sculptor

1952- Robert Clark (author)|Robert Clark -American author

1952- Tania Tsanaklidou -Greek singer and actress

1953- John Howard (singer-songwriter)|John Howard -English singer-songwriter and pianist

1953- Hal Ketchum -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1954- Ken Kalfus -AMerican journalist and author

1954- Dennis Quaid -American actor, singer, and producer

1954- Iain Duncan Smith -Scottish lieutenant and politician, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

1955- Joolz Denby -English poet and author

1955- Kate Heyhoe -American author

1956- Michael Hashim -American saxophonist

1956- Miguel Ángel Russo -Argentinian footballer and coach

1956- Vahur Sova -Estonian architect

1957- Seve Ballesteros -Spanish golfer (d. 2011)

1957- Martin Margiela -Belgian fashion designer

1958- Tony Sibson -English boxer

1958- Nigel Slater -English journalist and author

1959- Bernard Jenkin -English politician, Shadow Secretary of State for Defence

1960- Jaak Aab -Estonian politician, Minister of Social Affairs of Estonia

1961- Mark Kelly (keyboardist)|Mark Kelly -Irish keyboard player (Marillion and DeeExpus)

1961- Kirk McCaskill -Canadian-American baseball and hockey player

1962- John Eaves -American production designer and illustrator

1962- Ihor Podolchak -Ukrainian director, producer, and screenwriter

1962- Imran Sherwani -English field hockey player

1962- Jeff Turner -American basketball player, coach, and sportscaster

1963- Marc Jacobs -American-French fashion designer

1963- Joe Scarborough -American journalist, lawyer, and politician

1964- Rob Awalt -German-American football player

1964- Daniel Escobar -American actor (d. 2013)

1964- Lisa Guerrero -American actress and journalist

1964- Soyo Oka -Japanese pianist and composer

1964- Peter Penashue -Canadian politician

1964- Margaret Peterson Haddix -American author

1964- Rick Tocchet -Canadian-American ice hockey player and coach

1965- Jay Wesley Neill -American murderer (d. 2002)

1965- Mark Pellegrino -American actor

1965- Paulina Porizkova -Czech-American model and actress

1965- Jeff Zucker -American businessman

1966- Cynthia Nixon -American actress

1967- Natascha Engel -German-English politician

1967- Alex Kahn -American puppeteer

1969- Linda Kisabaka -German runner

1970- Chorão -Brazilian singer-songwriter (Charlie Brown Jr.) (d. 2013)

1970- Mike Barz -American journalist

1970- Tricia Penrose -English actress and singer

1971- Peter Canavan -Irish footballer and manager

1971- Leo Fortune-West -English footballer and manager

1971- Austin Peck -American actor

1971- Jacques Villeneuve -Canadian race car driver

1972- Bernard Ackah -German-Japanese martial artist and kick-boxer

1972- Neve McIntosh -Scottish actress

1972- Angelica Sin -American porn actress

1972- Siiri Vallner -Estonian architect

1973- Spencer Rice -Canadian actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1974- Jenna Jameson -American porn actress and model

1974- Alexander Pichushkin -Russian serial killer

1975- Anna Coren -Australian journalist

1975- Robbie Fowler -English footballer and manager

1975- David Gordon Green -American director and screenwriter

1976- Kyle Peterson -American baseball player and sportscaster

1976- Blayne Weaver -American actor and screenwriter

1977- Marko Lepik -Estonian footballer

1977- Gerard Way -American singer-songwriter and producer (My Chemical Romance)

1978- Jorge Andrade -Portuguese footballer

1978- Vesna Pisarović -Croatian singer

1978- Rachel Stevens -English singer-songwriter, dancer, and actress (S Club)

1978- Veronica Taylor -American voice actress

1979- Katsuni -French porn actress

1979- Billy Brandt -American porn actor

1979- Albina Dzhanabaeva -Russian singer and actress (Nu Virgos)

1979- Albert Hammond, Jr. -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (The Strokes)

1979- Keith Nobbs -American actor

1979- Keshia Knight Pulliam -American actress

1979- Jeff Reed (American football)|Jeff Reed -American football player

1979- Mark Ruiz -Puerto Rican diver

1979- Ben Silverstone -English actor and lawyer

1980- Clueso -German singer-songwriter and producer

1980- Sarah Ayton -English sailor

1980- Yoanna House -American model

1980- Jerko Leko -Croatian footballer

1980- Ryan Northcott -Canadian actor

1980- Isabelle Severino -French gymnast and actress

1980- Rachel Specter -American actress

1980- Lee Yo-won -South Korean actress

1981- Moran Atias -Israeli actress and model

1981- Milan Bartovič -Czech ice hockey player

1981- A. J. Ellis -American baseball player

1981- Arlen Escarpeta -Belizean-American actor

1981- Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold|Eric Harris -American murderer, committed the Columbine High School massacre (d. 1999)

1981- Ireneusz Jeleń -Polish footballer

1981- Dennis Sarfate -American baseball player

1981- Melissa Witek -American model, Miss Florida USA|Miss Florida USA 2005

1982- Jay Baruchel -Canadian actor

1982- Carlos Hernández (footballer)|Carlos Hernández -Costa Rican footballer

1982- Kathleen Munroe -Canadian-American actress

1983- Ryan Clark (actor)|Ryan Clark -Australian actor

1983- Willie Colon (American football)|Willie Colon -American football player

1984- Linda Chung -Canadian-Hong Kong actress and singer

1984- Adam Loewen -Canadian baseball player

1984- Lili Mirojnick -American actress

1984- Óscar Razo -Mexican footballer

1985- Antonio Nocerino -Italian footballer

1985- David Robertson (baseball)|David Robertson -American baseball player

1985- Tomohisa Yamashita -Japanese actor and singer (News (band)|NEWS, Kitty GYM, and Shūji to Akira)

1986- Mike Hart (American football)|Mike Hart -American football player

1986- Brian Larsen -American singer-songwriter and producer

1986- Luca Marin -Italian swimmer

1986- Leighton Meester -American actress and singer

1987- Kassim Abdallah -French-Comorian footballer

1987- Graham Gano -American football player

1987- Craig Mabbitt -American singer (Escape the Fate, Blessthefall, The Word Alive, and The Dead Rabbitts)

1987- Jesse McCartney -American singer-songwriter and actor (Dream Street)

1987- Jarrod Mullen -Australian rugby player

1987- Jazmine Sullivan -American singer and actress

1988- Uee -South Korean singer, dancer, and actress (After School (band)|After School)

1988- Michel Alves Baroni -Brazilian footballer

1988- Dino Imperial -Filipino actor

1988- Jeremy Metcalfe -English race car driver

1989- Danielle Kahle -American figure skater

1990- Ram Bahadur Bomjon -Nepalese monk

1990- David Jones-Roberts -Australian actor

1990- Kristen Stewart -American actress

1990- Ryan Williams (American football)|Ryan Williams -American football player

1991- Ryan Kelly (basketball)|Ryan Kelly -American basketball player

1992- Joshua Ledet -American singer

1994- Joey Pollari -American actor

1998- Elle Fanning -American actress

1999- Isaac Hempstead-Wright -English actor

2000- Jackie Evancho -American singer and actress

History of Deaths

585 BC- Emperor Jimmu -Japanese emperor (b. 711 BC)

93- Yuan An -Chinese scholar and politician

436- Tan Daoji -Chinese general

491- Zeno (emperor)|Zeno -Byzantine emperor (b. 425)

682- Maslama ibn Mukhallad al-Ansari -Egyptian politician, List of governors of Islamic Egypt|Governor of Egypt (b. 616)

715- Pope Constantine -(b. 664)

1024- Pope Benedict VIII -(b. 980)

1137- William X, Duke of Aquitaine -(b. 1099)

1483- Edward IV of England -(b. 1442)

1484- Edward of Middleham, Prince of Wales -(b. 1473)

1492- Lorenzo de' Medici -Italian ruler (b. 1449)

1553- François Rabelais -French monk and scholar (b. 1494)

1557- Mikael Agricola -Finnish clergyman and scholar (b. 1510)

1626- Francis Bacon -English jurist and politician, Attorney General for England and Wales (b. 1561)

1654- Matei Basarab -Romanian prince (b. 1588)

1693- Roger de Rabutin, Comte de Bussy -French author (b. 1618)

1747- Simon Fraser, 11th Lord Lovat -Scottish soldier and politician (b. 1667)

1754- Christian Wolff (philosopher)|Christian Wolff -German philosopher (b. 1679)

1761- William Law -English priest (b. 1686)

1768- Sarah Fielding -English author (b. 1710)

1804- Jacques Necker -French politician (b. 1732)

1806- William V, Prince of Orange -(b. 1748)

1872- Erastus Corning -American businessman and politician (b. 1794)

1876- Charles Goodyear (politician)|Charles Goodyear -American politician (b. 1804)

1882- Dante Gabriel Rossetti -English painter, illustrator, and poet (b. 1828)

1889- Michel Eugène Chevreul -French chemist (b. 1786)

1909- Helena Modjeska -Polish-American actress (b. 1840)

1915- Raymond Whittindale -English rugby player (b. 1883)

1917- James Hope Moulton -English philogist and scholar (b. 1863)

1922- Hans Fruhstorfer -German entomologist and explorer (b. 1866)

1926- Zip the Pinhead -American freak show performer (b. 1857)

1936- Ferdinand Tönnies -German sociologist and philosopher (b. 1855)

1940- Mrs. Patrick Campbell -English actress (b. 1865)

1944- Yevgeniya Rudneva -Ukrainian lieutenant and pilot (b. 1920)

1945- Dietrich Bonhoeffer -German pastor and theologian (b. 1906)

1945- Wilhelm Canaris -German admiral (b. 1887)

1945- Johann Georg Elser -German carpenter (b. 1903)

1945- Hans Oster -German general (b. 1887)

1945- Karl Sack -German jurist (b. 1896)

1945- Hans von Dohnányi -Austrian-German jurist (b. 1902)

1948- George Carpenter (Salvation Army)|George Carpenter -Australian 5th General of The Salvation Army (b. 1872)

1948- Jorge Eliécer Gaitán Ayala -Colombian politician, List of mayors of Bogotá|Mayor of Bogotá (b. 1903)

1951- Vilhelm Bjerknes -Norwegian physicist and meteorologist (b. 1862)

1953- Eddie Cochems -American football player and coach (b. 1877)

1953- C. E. M. Joad -English philosopher and broadcaster (b. 1891)

1959- Frank Lloyd Wright -American architect, designed the Price Tower and Fallingwater (b. 1867)

1961- Zog of Albania -(b. 1895)

1963- Eddie Edwards (musician)|Eddie Edwards -American trombonist (Original Dixieland Jass Band) (b. 1891)

1963- Xul Solar -Argentinian painter and sculptor (b. 1887)

1970- Gustaf Tenggren -Swedish-American illustrator (b. 1896)

1971- Paulette Noizeux -French actress (b. 1887)

1976- Dagmar Nordstrom -American singer-songwriter and pianist (Nordstrom Sisters) (b. 1903)

1976- Phil Ochs -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b. 1940)

1978- Clough Williams-Ellis -English-Welsh architect, designed Portmeirion (b. 1883)

1980- Mohammad Baqir al-Sadr -Iraqi cleric and philosopher (b. 1935)

1982- Wilfrid Pelletier -Canadian pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1896)

1988- Brook Benton -American singer-songwriter and actor (b. 1931)

1988- Hans Berndt -German footballer (b. 1913)

1988- Dave Prater -American singer (Sam & Dave) (b. 1937)

1991- Forrest Towns -American hurdler (b. 1914)

1993- Joseph B. Soloveitchik -American rabbi and philosopher (b. 1903)

1996- Richard Condon -American author (b. 1915)

1996- James Rouse -American real estate agent, founded The Rouse Company (b. 1914)

1997- Mae Boren Axton -American singer-songwriter (b. 1914)

1997- Helene Hanff -American author and screenwriter (b. 1916)

1998- Tom Cora -American cellist and composer (Skeleton Crew (band)|Skeleton Crew, Curlew (band)|Curlew, and Third Person (band)|Third Person) (b. 1953)

1999- Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara -Nigerien general and politician, President of Niger (b. 1949)

2001- Willie Stargell -American baseball player (b. 1940)

2002- Pat Flaherty -American race car driver (b. 1926)

2002- Leopold Vietoris -Austrian mathematician (b. 1891)

2003- Jerry Bittle -American cartoonist (b. 1949)

2003- Earl Bramblett -American murderer (b. 1942)

2005- Andrea Dworkin -American activist and author (b. 1946)

2006- Billy Hitchcock -American baseball player, coach, manager (b. 1916)

2006- Vilgot Sjöman -Swedish director and screenwriter (b. 1924)

2007- Egon Bondy -Czech philosopher and poet (b. 1930)

2009- Nick Adenhart -American baseball player (b. 1986)

2010- Zoltán Varga (footballer)|Zoltán Varga -Hungarian footballer (b. 1945)

2010- Meinhardt Raabe -American actor (b. 1915)

2011- Zakariya Rashid Hassan al-Ashiri -Bahraini journalist (b. 1971)

2011- Sidney Lumet -American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1924)

2012- Takeshi Aono -Japanese voice actor (b. 1936)

2012- Barry Cahill (actor)|Barry Cahill -Canadian-American actor (b. 1921)

2012- Ismail Haron -Singaporean singer (b. 1946)

2012- Mark Lenzi -American diver and coach (b. 1968)

2012- Wiebo Ludwig -Dutch-Canadian criminal (b. 1941)

2012- Meral Okay -Turkish actress and screenwriter (b. 1959)

2012- Boris Parygin -Russian sociologist and philosopher (b. 1930)

2012- Malcolm Thomas (rugby union player)|Malcolm Thomas -Welsh rugby player and cricketer (b. 1929)

2013- David Hayes (sculptor)|David Hayes -American sculptor (b. 1931)

2013- Lynn Lundquist -American politician (b. 1934)

2013- Greg McCrary -American football player (b. 1952)

2013- Mordechai Mishani -Israeli politician (b. 1945)

2013- Emilio Pericoli -Italian singer (b. 1928)

2013- McCandlish Phillips -American journalist and author (b. 1927)

2013- Paolo Soleri -Italian-American architect, designed the Cosanti (b. 1919)

2013- Zao Wou-Ki -Chinese-French painter (b. 1920)

2014- Gil Askey -American trumpet player, composer, and producer (b. 1925)

2014- Chris Banks (American football)|Chris Banks -American football player (b. 1973)

2014- Rory Ellinger -American lawyer and politician (b. 1941)

2014- Norman Girvan -Jamaican economist, academic, and politician (b. 1941)

2014- Aelay Narendra -Indian politician (b. 1946)

2014- A. N. R. Robinson -Trinbagonian politician, 3rd List of Presidents of Trinidad and Tobago|President of Trinidad and Tobago (b. 1926)

2014- Svetlana Velmar-Janković -Serbian author (b. 1933)