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Famous Birthdays

742- Charlemagne -Frankish king (d. 814)

1545- Elisabeth of Valois -(d. 1568)

1565- Cornelis de Houtman -Dutch explorer (d. 1599)

1614- Dodo (prince)|Dodo -Chinese prince (d. 1649)

1614- Jahanara Begum -Indian daughter of Shah Jahan (d. 1681)

1618- Francesco Maria Grimaldi -Italian mathematician and physicist (d. 1663)

1647- Maria Sibylla Merian -German-Dutch botanist (d. 1717)

1653- Prince George of Denmark -(d. 1708)

1719- Johann Wilhelm Ludwig Gleim -German poet (d. 1803)

1725- Giacomo Casanova -Italian explorer and author (d. 1798)

1788- Francisco Balagtas -Filipino poet (d. 1862)

1788- Wilhelmine Reichard -German balloonist (d. 1848)

1789- Lucio Norberto Mansilla -Argentinian general and politician (d. 1871)

1792- Francisco de Paula Santander -Colombian general and politician, 4th President of the Republic of the New Granada (d. 1840)

1798- August Heinrich Hoffmann von Fallersleben -German poet (d. 1874)

1805- Hans Christian Andersen -Danish author and poet (d. 1875)

1814- Erastus Brigham Bigelow -American inventor (d. 1879)

1827- William Holman Hunt -English painter (d. 1910)

1835- Jacob Nash Victor -American engineer (d. 1907)

1838- Léon Gambetta -French politician, 45th Prime Minister of France (d. 1882)

1840- Émile Zola -French author and critic (d. 1902)

1841- Clément Ader -French engineer, designed the Ader Avion III (d. 1926)

1861- Iván Persa -Slovenian priest (d. 1935)

1862- Nicholas Murray Butler -American philosopher and academic, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1947)

1867- Eugen Sandow -German bodybuilder (d. 1925)

1869- Hughie Jennings -American baseball player and manager (d. 1928)

1875- Walter Chrysler -American businessman, founded Chrysler (d. 1940)

1875- William Donne -English cricketer (d. 1942)

1884- J. C. Squire -English poet, author, and historian (d. 1958)

1891- Jack Buchanan -Scottish actor, singer, director, and producer (d. 1957)

1891- Max Ernst -German painter, sculptor, and poet (d. 1976)

1898- Harindranath Chattopadhyay -Indian poet, actor and politician (d. 1990)

1900- Roberto Arlt -Argentinian journalist, author, and playwright (d. 1942)

1900- Anis Fuleihan -Cypriot-American pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1970)

1902- Jan Tschichold -German typographer (d. 1974)

1903- Lionel Chevrier -Canadian politician (d. 1987)

1906- Alphonse-Marie Parent -Canadian priest and educator (d. 1970)

1907- Luke Appling -American baseball player and manager (d. 1991)

1908- Buddy Ebsen -American actor and dancer (d. 2003)

1910- Paul Triquet -Canadian general, Victoria Cross recipient (d. 1980)

1910- Chico Xavier -Brazilian spiritual medium (d. 2002)

1914- Alec Guinness -English actor (d. 2000)

1917- Dabbs Greer -American actor (d. 2007)

1917- Lou Monte -American singer (d. 1989)

1920- Gerald Bouey -Canadian lieutenant and civil servant (d. 2004)

1920- Jack Stokes (director)|Jack Stokes -English animator and director (d. 2013)

1920- Jack Webb -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 1982)

1923- Clifford Scott Green -American judge (d. 2007)

1923- Gloria Henry -American actress

1923- G. Spencer-Brown -English mathematician, psychologist, and author

1924- Bobby Ávila -Mexican baseball player (d. 2004)

1925- George MacDonald Fraser -English author and screenwriter (d. 2008)

1925- Hard Boiled Haggerty -American wrestler and actor (d. 2004)

1925- Hans Rosenthal -German radio and television host (d. 1987)

1926- Jack Brabham -Australian race car driver (d. 2014)

1926- Rudra Rajasingham -Sri Lankan police officer (d. 2006)

1927- Carmen Basilio -American boxer (d. 2012)

1927- Howard Callaway -American soldier and politician, 11th United States Secretary of the Army (d. 2014)

1927- Kenneth Tynan -English critic (d. 1980)

1928- Joseph Bernardin -American cardinal (d. 1996)

1928- Serge Gainsbourg -French singer-songwriter, actor, and director (d. 1991)

1928- Roy Masters (commentator)|Roy Masters -English-born American broadcaster

1928- David Robinson (horticulturist)|David Robinson -Irish horticulturist (d. 2004)

1929- Ed Dorn -American poet and educator (d. 1999)

1930- Roddy Maude-Roxby -English actor

1932- Edward Egan -American cardinal

1933- György Konrád -Hungarian sociologist and author

1934- Paul Cohen (mathematician)|Paul Cohen -American mathematician (d. 2007)

1934- Brian Glover -English wrestler and actor (d. 1997)

1934- Carl Kasell -American journalist

1935- Sharon Acker -Canadian actress

1936- Shaul Ladany -Serbian-Israeli race walker

1937- Dick Radatz -American baseball player (d. 2005)

1937- Denis Tuohy -Irish journalist and actor

1938- John Larsson -Swedish 17th General of The Salvation Army

1938- Booker Little -American trumpet player and composer (d. 1961)

1938- Al Weis -American baseball player

1939- Marvin Gaye -American singer-songwriter (The Moonglows) (d. 1984)

1939- Anthony Lake -American diplomat and academic, 18th United States National Security Advisor

1939- Lise Thibault -Canadian politician, 27th Lieutenant Governor of Quebec

1940- Donald Jackson -Canadian figure skater

1940- Mike Hailwood -English motorcycle racer (d. 1981)

1940- Penelope Keith -English actress

1941- Dr. Demento -American radio host

1942- Leon Russell -American singer-songwriter and pianist

1942- Hiroyuki Sakai -Japanese chef

1942- Roshan Seth -Indian-English actor

1943- Michael Boyce, Baron Boyce -South African-English admiral and politician

1943- Caterina Bueno -Italian singer (d. 2007)

1943- Larry Coryell -American guitarist (The Free Spirits and The Eleventh House)

1943- Antonio Sabàto, Sr. -Italian actor

1944- Bill Malinchak -American football player

1945- Jürgen Drews -German singer-songwriter (Les Humphries Singers)

1945- Guy Fréquelin -French race car driver

1945- Linda Hunt -American actress

1945- Reggie Smith -American baseball player and coach

1945- Don Sutton -American baseball player and sportscaster

1945- Anne Waldman -American poet

1946- David Heyes -English politician

1946- Judith Ann Lanzinger -American jurist

1946- Sue Townsend -English author and playwright (d. 2014)

1946- Kurt Winter -Canadian guitarist and songwriter (The Guess Who) (d. 1997)

1947- Paquita la del Barrio -Mexican singer-songwriter

1947- Emmylou Harris -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1947- Camille Paglia -American author and critic

1948- Roald Als -Danish cartoonist

1948- Dimitris Mitropanos -Greek singer (d. 2012)

1948- Daniel Okrent -American journalist and author

1948- Joan D. Vinge -American author

1949- Paul Gambaccini -American-English radio and television host

1949- Bernd Müller (footballer born 1949)|Bernd Müller -German footballer

1949- Ron Palillo -American actor (d. 2012)

1949- Pamela Reed -American actress

1949- David Robinson (musician)|David Robinson -American drummer (The Modern Lovers, DMZ (band)|DMZ, and The Cars)

1950- Lynn Westmoreland -American politician

1951- Ayako Okamoto -Japanese golfer

1951- Moriteru Ueshiba -Japanese martial artist

1952- Will Hoy -English race car driver (d. 2002)

1952- Thierry Le Luron -French comedian and actor (d. 1986)

1952- Leon Wilkeson -American bass player and songwriter (Lynyrd Skynyrd) (d. 2001)

1953- Jim Allister -Irish lawyer and politician

1953- Debralee Scott -American actress (d. 2005)

1953- James Vance (comics)|James Vance -American author and playwright

1954- Gregory Abbott -American singer-songwriter and producer

1954- Susumu Hirasawa -Japanese singer-songwriter (P-Model)

1954- Donald Petrie -American actor and director

1955- Michael Stone (loyalist)|Michael Stone -English-Irish criminal

1957- Giuliana De Sio -Italian actress

1958- Stefano Bettarello -Italian rugby player

1958- Larry Drew -American basketball player and coach

1958- Amelia Marshall -American actress

1959- David Frankel -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1959- Juha Kankkunen -Finnish race car driver

1959- Yves Lavandier -French director and producer

1959- Steve Monarque -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1959- Badou Zaki -Moroccan footballer and manager

1960- Linford Christie -Jamaican-English sprinter

1960- Brad Jones (racing driver)|Brad Jones -Australian race car driver

1960- Pascale Nadeau -Canadian journalist

1961- Buddy Jewell -American singer-songwriter

1961- Christopher Meloni -American actor

1961- Keren Woodward -English singer-songwriter (Bananarama)

1962- Pierre Carles -French director and producer

1962- Billy Dean -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1962- Clark Gregg -American actor, director, and screenwriter

1963- Shane Barbi -American model, author, and activist

1963- Sia Barbi -American model, author, and activist

1963- Karl Beattie -English director and producer

1963- Mike Gascoyne -English engineer

1963- Tim Hodge -American voice actor, animator, and screenwriter

1963- Michael Panes -American actor and singer

1964- Pete Incaviglia -American baseball player and coach

1964- Jonathon Sharkey -American wrestler

1965- Rodney King -American victim of police brutality (d. 2012)

1966- Bill Romanowski -American football player

1966- Teddy Sheringham -English footballer

1966- Garnett Silk -Jamaican singer (d. 1994)

1967- Greg Camp -American singer-songwriter, and guitarist (Smash Mouth)

1967- Helen Chamberlain -English television host

1967- Phil Demmel -American guitarist and songwriter (Machine Head (band)|Machine Head and Vio-lence)

1967- Prince Paul (producer)|Prince Paul -American DJ and producer (Gravediggaz, Stetsasonic, and Handsome Boy Modeling School)

1967- Renée Estevez -American actress and writer

1969- Ajay Devgan -Indian actor, director, and producer

1971- Elton (comedian)|Elton -German comedian and television host

1971- Zeebra -Japanese rapper (King Giddra)

1971- Todd Woodbridge -Australian tennis player

1972- Stephen Saux -American actor

1972- Chico Slimani -Welsh singer and actor

1973- Dmitry Lipartov -Russian footballer

1973- Roselyn Sánchez -Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, producer, and actress

1973- Aleksejs Semjonovs -Latvian footballer

1974- Håkan Hellström -Swedish singer (Broder Daniel)

1974- Harold Hunter -American skateboarder and actor (d. 2006)

1975- Lisa Ann Beley -Canadian voice actress

1975- Randy Livingston -American basketball player

1975- Adam Rodríguez -American actor and director

1975- Katrin Rutschow-Stomporowski -German rower

1976- Andreas Anastasopoulos -Greek shot putter

1976- Geneva Cruz -Filipino singer and actress (Smokey Mountain (band)|Smokey Mountain)

1976- Zane Lamprey -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1976- Aaron Lohr -American actor and singer

1976- Daisuke Namikawa -Japanese voice actor

1976- Rory Sabbatini -South African golfer

1977- Jelena Abbou -Serbian-American model

1977- Per Elofsson -Swedish skier

1977- Michael Fassbender -Irish-German actor

1977- Annett Louisan -German singer

1977- Nicki Pedersen -Danish motorcycle racer

1977- Hanno Pevkur -Estonian politician

1977- Aiden Turner -English actor

1978- Nick Berg -American businessman (d. 2004)

1978- John Gall (baseball)|John Gall -American baseball player

1978- Scott Lynch -American author

1978- Jaime Ray Newman -American actress and singer

1978- Deon Richmond -American actor

1978- Ethan Smith (actor)|Ethan Smith -American actor

1979- Lindy Booth -Canadian-American actress

1979- Jesse Carmichael -American keyboard player (Maroon 5)

1980- Adam Fleming -Scottish journalist

1980- Gavin Heffernan -Canadian director and screenwriter

1980- Ricky Hendrick -American race car driver (d. 2004)

1980- Cristian Lizzori -Italian footballer

1980- Carlos Salcido -Mexican footballer

1981- Michael Clarke (cricketer)|Michael Clarke -Australian cricketer

1981- Bethany Joy Lenz -American actress, singer, director, and producer

1982- Marco Amelia -Italian footballer

1982- Jeremy Bloom -American football player and skier

1982- Bianca Chatfield -Australian netball player

1982- Jack Evans -American wrestler

1982- David Ferrer -Spanish tennis player

1982- Shanti Lowry -American actress and dancer

1982- Leyla Milani -Canadian model and actress

1983- Félix Borja -Ecuadorian footballer

1983- Paul Capdeville -Chilean tennis player

1983- Owen Fussey -Canadian ice hockey player

1983- Yung Joc -American rapper

1984- Nóra Barta -Hungarian diver

1984- Meryl Cassie -New Zealand actress and singer

1984- Jérémy Morel -French footballer

1984- Ashley Peldon -American actress

1984- Shawn Roberts -Canadian actor

1985- Barry Corr -Irish footballer

1985- Thom Evans -Zimbabwean-Scottish rugby player

1985- Stéphane Lambiel -Swiss figure skater

1986- Ibrahim Afellay -Dutch footballer

1986- Andris Biedriņš -Latvian basketball player

1986- Lee DeWyze -American singer-songwriter and guitarist

1986- Drew Van Acker -American actor

1987- Pablo César Aguilar|Pablo Aguilar -Paraguayan footballer

1988- Francesca Catalano -American actress

1988- Kimber James -American porn actress

1988- Jesse Plemons -American actor

1989- Midhun Jith -Indian martial artist

1990- Amy Castle -American actress

1990- Felipe Chalegre -Brazilian footballer

1990- Roscoe Dash -American rapper

1990- Evgeniya Kanaeva -Russian gymnast

1990- Miralem Pjanić -Bosnian footballer

1991- Luke Jones (rugby union)|Luke Jones -Australian rugby player

1991- Paulina Schippers -Guatemalan tennis player

1992- Sammi Kane Kraft -American actress (d. 2012)

1993- Aaron Kelly (singer)|Aaron Kelly -American singer

1995- Abdou Nef -Algerian footballer (d. 2013)