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Events History

286-Emperor Diocletian -elevates his general Maximian to co-emperor with the rank of Augustus (title)|Augustus and gives him control over the Western regions of the Roman Empire.

325-Crown Prince Emperor Cheng of Jin|Jin Chengdi -age 4, succeeds his father Emperor Ming of Jin|Jin Mingdi as emperor of the Jin Dynasty (265-420)|Eastern Jin Dynasty.

457- Majorian -is acclaimed emperor by the Late Roman army|Roman army.

527- Byzantine Emperors|Byzantine Emperor -Justin I names his nephew Justinian I as co-ruler and successor to the throne.

528-The daughter of Emperor Xiaoming of Northern Wei -was made the "Emperor of China|Emperor" as a male heir of the late emperor by Empress Dowager Hu, deposed and replaced by Yuan Zhao the next day; she was the first female monarch in the History of China, but not widely recognised.

1293- Robert Winchelsey -leaves England for Rome, to be consecrated as Archbishop of Canterbury.

1318- Berwick-upon-Tweed -is captured by the Scotland|Scottish from Kingdom of England|England.

1340- Niels Ebbesen -kills Gerhard III of Holstein in his bedroom, ending the 1332-1340 ''interregnum'' in Denmark.

1545- Potosí -is founded after the discovery of major silver deposits in the area.

1572-In the Eighty Years' War -the Geuzen|Watergeuzen capture Brielle from the Spanish Empire|Spaniards, gaining the first foothold on land for what would become the Dutch Republic.

1625-A combined Spanish and Portuguese Empire|Portuguese -fleet of 52 ships commences the recapture of Bahia from the Dutch during the Dutch–Portuguese War.

1789-In New York City -the United States House of Representatives holds its first quorum and elects Frederick Muhlenberg of Pennsylvania as its first House Speaker.

1826- Samuel Morey -patents the internal combustion engine.

1833-The Convention of 1833 -a political gathering of settlers in Mexican Texas to help draft a series of petitions to the Mexican government, begins in San Felipe, Texas|San Felipe de Austin

1854- Charles Dickens -novel ''Hard Times'' begins serialisation in his magazine, ''Household Words''.

1865- American Civil War -Battle of Five Forks.

1867- Singapore -becomes a United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland|British crown colony.

1871-The first stage of the Brill Tramway -opens.

1873-The White Star Line|White Star -steamer {{RMS|Atlantic}} sinks off Nova Scotia, killing 547 in the worst marine disaster of the 19th century.

1887- Mumbai Fire Brigade -is established.

1891-The Wrigley Company -is founded in Chicago|Chicago, Illinois.

1893-The rank of Chief Petty Officer#United States|Chief Petty Officer -in the United States Navy is established.

1908-The Territorial Force -(renamed Territorial Army (United Kingdom)|Territorial Army in 1920) is formed as a volunteer reserve component of the British Army.

1918-The Royal Air Force -is created by the merger of the Royal Flying Corps and the Royal Naval Air Service.

1919-The Bauhaus|Staatliches Bauhaus -school is founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar.

1922-Six Irish Catholic civilians Arnon Street killings|are shot and beaten to death -by a gang of policemen in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

1924- Adolf Hitler -is sentenced to five years in Prison|jail for his participation in the "Beer Hall Putsch". However, he spends only nine months in jail, during which he writes ''Mein Kampf''.

1924-The Royal Canadian Air Force -is formed.

1933-The recently elected Nazism|Nazis -under Julius Streicher organize a one-day boycott of all Jewish-owned businesses in Germany, ushering in a series of anti-Semitism|anti-Semitic acts.

1933- England|English -cricketer Wally Hammond sets a record for the List of Test cricket_records#Innings or series|highest individual Test innings of 336 not out, during a Test cricket|Test match against New Zealand national cricket team|New Zealand.

1935-India's central banking institution, The Reserve Bank of India -is formed.

1936- Odisha -formerly known as Kalinga (India)|Kalinga or Utkal becomes a state in India.

1937- Aden -becomes a United Kingdom|British crown colony.

1937- Spanish Civil War -Jaén, Spain is Bombing of Jaén|bombed by Nazi forces.

1939-Spanish Civil War: Generalissimo|Generalísimo -Francisco Franco of the Francoist Spain|Spanish State announces the end of the Spanish Civil War, when the last of the Second Spanish Republic|Republican forces surrender.

1941- Fântâna Albă massacre -between 200 and 2,000 Romanians|Romanian civilians are killed by Soviet Border Guards.

1941-The Blockade Runner Badge -for the Germany|German navy is instituted.

1941-A 1941 Iraqi coup d'état|military coup -in Iraq overthrows the regime of 'Abd al-Ilah and installs Rashid Ali as Prime Minister of Iraq|Prime Minister.

1944-Navigation errors lead to an accidental United States|American -bombing of the Switzerland|Swiss city of Schaffhausen.

1945- World War II -Battle of Okinawa|Operation Iceberg

1946- Aleutian Island earthquake -An 8.6 magnitude earthquake near the Aleutian Islands creates a tsunami that strikes the Hawaiian Islands killing 159, mostly in Hilo, Hawaii|Hilo.

1946-Formation of the Malayan Union -

1947- Paul of Greece|Paul -becomes king of Greece, on the death of his childless elder brother, George II of Greece|George II.

1948- Cold War -Berlin Blockade|Berlin Airlift — Military forces, under direction of the Soviet Union|Soviet-controlled government in East Germany, set-up a land blockade of West Berlin.

1948- Faroe Islands -gain self-governance|autonomy from Denmark.

1949- Chinese Civil War -The Communist Party of China|Chinese Communist Party holds unsuccessful peace talks with the Kuomintang|Nationalist Party in Beijing, after three years of fighting.

1949-The Government of Canada -repeals Japanese Canadian internment after seven years.

1949-The 26 counties of the Irish Free State -become Republic of Ireland|Ireland.

1954- President of the United States|President -Dwight D. Eisenhower authorizes the creation of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado.

1955-The EOKA -rebellion against the British Empire begins in Cyprus, with the goal of obtaining the desired unification ("enosis") with Greece.

1957-The BBC -broadcasts the spaghetti tree hoax on its current affairs programme ''Panorama (TV series)|Panorama''.

1959- Archbishop Iakovos of America|Iakovos -is enthroned as Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America|Greek Orthodox Archbishop of America.

1960-The Television Infrared Observation Satellite|TIROS-1 -satellite transmits the :File:TIROS-1-Earth.png|first television picture from space. Dr. Martens released its first boots, the model 1460.

1967-The United States Department of Transportation -begins operation.

1969-The Hawker Siddeley Harrier -enters service with the Royal Air Force.

1970-President Richard Nixon -signs the Public Health Cigarette Smoking Act into law, requiring the Surgeon General of the United States|Surgeon General's warnings on tobacco products and banning cigarette advertisements on television and radio in the United States, starting on January 1, 1971.

1971- Bangladesh Liberation War -The Pakistan Army Jinjira massacre|massacre over 1,000 people in Keraniganj Upazila, Bangladesh.

1973- Project Tiger -a tiger conservation project, is launched in the Corbett National Park, India.

1974-In the United Kingdom -the metropolitan and non-metropolitan counties come into being.

1976- Apple Inc. -is formed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne.

1976- Conrail -takes over operations from six bankrupt railroads in the Northeastern U.S..

1976-The Jovian–Plutonian gravitational effect -soon revealed as an April Fools' Day hoax, is first reported by British astronomer Patrick Moore.

1978-The Philippine College of Commerce, through a presidential decree, becomes the Polytechnic University of the Philippines -

1979- Iran -becomes an Islamic republic Iranian Islamic Republic referendum, March 1979|by a 99% vote, officially overthrowing the Mohammad Reza Pahlavi|Shah.

1986- Sector Kanda -Communist Party of Nepal (Mashal) cadres attacks a number of police stations in Kathmandu, seeking to incite a popular rebellion.

1989- Margaret Thatcher -s new local government tax, the Community Charge (commonly known as the "poll tax"), is introduced in Scotland.

1997- Comet Hale-Bopp -is seen passing over perihelion.

1999- Nunavut -is established as a Canada|Canadian territory carved out of the eastern part of the Northwest Territories.

2001-An EP-3E -United States Navy surveillance aircraft Hainan Island incident|collides with a China|Chinese People's Liberation Army Shenyang J-8 fighter jet. The Navy crew makes an emergency landing in Hainan, China and is detained.

2001-Former President of Yugoslavia|President -of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia Slobodan Milošević surrenders to police special forces, to be tried on war crimes charges.

2001- Same-sex marriage in the Netherlands|Same-sex marriage -becomes legal in the Netherlands, the Timeline of same-sex marriage|first contemporary country to allow it.

2004- Google -announces Gmail to the public.

2006-The Serious Organised Crime Agency -dubbed the "British FBI", is created in the United Kingdom.

2009- Croatia -and Albania join NATO.

2011-After protests against the Dove World Outreach Center Quran-burning controversy#2011 burning of the Quran|burning of the Quran -turn violent, a mob attacks a United Nations compound in 2011 Mazar-i-Sharif attack|Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan, resulting in the deaths of thirteen people, including eight foreign workers.

Famous Birthdays

1220- Emperor Go-Saga -of Japan (d. 1272)

1543- François de Bonne, Duke of Lesdiguières -(d. 1626)

1578- William Harvey -English physician (d. 1657)

1610- Charles de Saint-Évremond -French soldier and critic (d. 1703)

1629- Jean-Henri d'Anglebert -French organist and composer (d. 1691)

1640- Georg Mohr -Danish mathematician (d. 1697)

1647- John Wilmot, 2nd Earl of Rochester -English poet (d. 1680)

1697- Antoine François Prévost -French author (d. 1763)

1721- Pieter Hellendaal -Dutch-English organist, violinist, and composer (d. 1799)

1753- Joseph de Maistre -French diplomat (d. 1821)

1765- Luigi Schiavonetti -Italian engraver (d. 1810)

1776- Sophie Germain -French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher (d. 1831)

1815- Otto von Bismarck -German politician, 1st Chancellor of the German Empire (d. 1898)

1815- Edward Clark (governor)|Edward Clark -American politician, 8th Governor of Texas (d. 1880)

1823- Simon Bolivar Buckner -American general and politician, 30th Governor of Kentucky (d.1891)

1824- Louis-Zéphirin Moreau -Canadian bishop (d. 1901)

1834- James Fisk (financier)|James Fisk -American businessman (d. 1872)

1854- Bill Traylor -American painter (d. 1949)

1856- Acacio Gabriel Viegas -Indian physician (d. 1933)

1865- Richard Adolf Zsigmondy -Austrian chemist, Nobel Prize in Chemistry|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 1929)

1866- William Blomfield -New Zealand cartoonist (d. 1938)

1866- Ferruccio Busoni -Italian pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1924)

1868- Edmond Rostand -French poet and playwright (d. 1918)

1871- F. Melius Christiansen -Norwegian-American violinist and conductor (d. 1955)

1873- Sergei Rachmaninoff -Russian pianist, composer, and conductor (d. 1943)

1874- Ernest Barnes -English mathematician and theologian (d. 1953)

1874- Prince Karl of Bavaria (1874–1927)|Prince Karl of Bavaria -(d. 1927)

1875- Edgar Wallace -English journalist, author, and playwright (d. 1932)

1879- Stanislaus Zbyszko -Polish wrestler and strongman (d. 1967)

1880- Agha Petros -Assyrian general (d. 1932)

1881- Henri Laurent -French fencer (d. 1954)

1882- Paul Anspach -Belgian fencer (d. 1991)

1883- Lon Chaney, Sr. -American actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1930)

1884- Laurette Taylor -American actress (d. 1946)

1885- Wallace Beery -American actor (d. 1949)

1885- Clementine Churchill, Baroness Spencer-Churchill -English wife of Winston Churchill (d. 1977)

1887- H. S. Lloyd -English dog breeder (d. 1963)

1889- K. B. Hedgewar -Indian physician and activist (d. 1940)

1893- Cicely Courtneidge -English actress (d. 1980)

1895- Alberta Hunter -American singer-songwriter (d. 1984)

1895- Paul Richter -Austrian actor (d. 1961)

1897- Nita Naldi -American actress (d. 1961)

1898- William James Sidis -American mathematician (d. 1944)

1899- Gustavs Celmiņš -Latvian politician and educator (d. 1968)

1901- Whittaker Chambers -American journalist and spy (d. 1961)

1902- Maria Polydouri -Greek poet (d. 1930)

1904- Sid Field -English actor (d. 1950)

1904- Émile Turlant -French centenarian (d. 2013)

1905- Gaston Eyskens -Belgian economist and politician, 47th Prime Minister of Belgium (d. 1988)

1906- Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev -Russian engineer, founded the Yakovlev|Yakovlev Design Bureau (d. 1989)

1908- Abraham Maslow -American psychologist (d. 1970)

1909- Abner Biberman -American actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1977)

1909- Eddy Duchin -American pianist and bandleader (d. 1951)

1910- Harry Carney -American saxophonist and clarinet player (d. 1974)

1911- Fauja Singh -Indian-English runner

1912- Donald Nyrop -American businessman (d. 2010)

1913- Memos Makris -Greek sculptor (d. 1993)

1914- Lor Tok -Thai actor (d. 2002)

1915- O. W. Fischer -Austrian actor (d. 2004)

1917- Leon Janney -American actor (d. 1980)

1917- Dinu Lipatti -Romanian pianist and composer (d. 1950)

1917- Sheldon Mayer -American writer and illustrator (d. 1991)

1917- Sydney Newman -Canadian screenwriter and producer, co-created ''Doctor Who'' (d. 1997)

1917- Melville Shavelson -American director, producer, and screenwriter (d. 2007)

1919- Joseph Murray -American surgeon, Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2012)

1920- Harry Lewis (actor)|Harry Lewis -American actor (d. 2013)

1920- Toshiro Mifune -Chinese-Japanese actor (d. 1997)

1921- William Bergsma -American composer (d. 1994)

1921- Ken Reardon -Canadian ice hockey player (d. 2008)

1921- Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith -American guitarist, fiddler, and composer (d. 2014)

1922- Duke Jordan -American pianist and composer (d. 2006)

1922- William Manchester -American historian and author (d. 2004)

1923- Don Butterfield -American tuba player (d. 2006)

1923- Leora Dana -American actress (d. 1983)

1923- Bobby Jordan -American actor (d. 1965)

1924- Čkalja -Serbian actor (d. 2003)

1924- Brendan Byrne -American judge and politician, 47th Governor of New Jersey

1925- Kathy Stobart -English saxophonist (d. 2014)

1926- Charles Bressler -American tenor (d. 1996)

1926- Gérard La Forest -Canadian judge and academic

1926- John Scott Martin -English actor (d. 2009)

1926- Anne McCaffrey -American-Irish author (d. 2011)

1927- Walter Bahr -American soccer player, coach, and manager

1927- Peter Cundall -English-Australian soldier, horticulturist, and author

1927- Amos Milburn -American singer and pianist (d. 1980)

1927- Ferenc Puskás -Hungarian footballer and manager (d. 2006)

1928- George Grizzard -American actor (d. 2007)

1929- Barbara Bryne -British actress

1929- Jonathan Haze -American actor, producer, screenwriter, and production manager

1929- Milan Kundera -Czech-French author

1929- Payut Ngaokrachang -Thai animator and director (d. 2010)

1929- Jane Powell -American actress, singer, and dancer

1929- Bo Schembechler -American football player and coach (d. 2006)

1930- F. Joseph Gossman -American bishop (d. 2013)

1930- Eugene Weingand -German actor (d. 1986)

1930- Grace Lee Whitney -American actress and singer

1931- George Baker (actor)|George Baker -Bulgarian-English actor (d. 2011)

1931- Ita Ever -Estonian actress

1931- Rolf Hochhuth -German author and playwright

1932- Gordon Jump -American actor (d. 2003)

1932- Debbie Reynolds -American actress, singer, and dancer

1933- Claude Cohen-Tannoudji -French physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate

1933- Dan Flavin -American sculptor (d. 1996)

1934- Jim Ed Brown -American singer and guitarist (The Browns)

1934- Don Hastings -American actor, singer, and screenwriter

1934- Rod Kanehl -American baseball player (d. 2004)

1934- Marie Patterson -English union leader

1934- Vladimir Posner -French-American journalist

1935- Larry McDonald -American politician (d. 1983)

1936- Peter Collinson (film director)|Peter Collinson -English-American director and producer (d. 1980)

1936- Jean-Pascal Delamuraz -Swiss politician (d. 1998)

1936- Tarun Gogoi -Indian politician, 14th Chief Minister of Assam

1936- Abdul Qadeer Khan -Indian-Pakistani physicist, chemist, and engineer

1936- Don Steele -American radio host (d. 1997)

1937- Jordan Charney -American actor

1937- Yılmaz Güney -Turkish actor, director, and screenwriter (d. 1984)

1938- John Quade -American actor (d. 2009)

1939- Rudolph Isley -American singer-songwriter (The Isley Brothers)

1939- Ali MacGraw -American actress

1939- Phil Niekro -American baseball player and manager

1940- Wangari Maathai -Kenyan environmentalist, Nobel Peace Prize|Nobel Prize laureate (d. 2011)

1941- Gideon Gadot -Israeli journalist and politician (d. 2012)

1941- Guy Trottier -Canadian-American ice hockey player (d. 2014)

1941- Ajit Wadekar -Indian cricketer

1942- Brian Binley -English politician

1942- Samuel R. Delany -American author and critic

1942- Roderick Floud -English historian and academic

1942- Philip Margo -American singer, drummer, and producer (The Tokens)

1942- Annie Nightingale -English radio host

1942- Richard D. Wolff -American economist and educator

1943- Carol White -English-American actress (d. 1991)

1943- Dafydd Wigley -English-Welsh academic and politician

1944- Rusty Staub -American baseball player and coach

1945- John Barbata -American drummer (The Turtles, Jefferson Airplane, and The Sentinals (band)|The Sentinals)

1946- Nikitas Kaklamanis -Greek politician, 77th Mayor of Athens

1946- Ronnie Lane -English bass player, songwriter, and producer (Faces (band)|Faces and Small Faces) (d. 1997)

1946- Eva Polttila -Finnish journalist

1946- Arrigo Sacchi -Italian footballer, coach, and manager

1947- Alain Connes -French mathematician and educator

1947- Philippe Kirsch -Canadian lawyer and judge

1947- Francine Prose -American author

1947- Robin Scott -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (M (band)|M)

1947- Norm Van Lier -American basketball player, coach, and sportscaster (d. 2009)

1948- Jimmy Cliff -Jamaican singer and actor

1948- Paul Myners, Baron Myners -English journalist and businessman

1948- J.J. Williams -Welsh rugby player

1949- Gérard Mestrallet -French businessman

1949- Sammy Nelson -Irish footballer and coach

1949- Gil Scott-Heron -American singer-songwriter and author (d. 2011)

1950- Samuel Alito -American lawyer and jurist

1950- Loris Kessel -Swiss race car driver (d. 2010)

1950- Daniel Paillé -Canadian politician

1951- John Abizaid -American general

1951- Kay Davies -English geneticist, anatomist, and academic

1951- Frederic Schwartz -American architect, co-designed Empty Sky (memorial)|Empty Sky (d. 2014)

1952- Annette O'Toole -American actress, singer, and dancer

1952- Bernard Stiegler -French philosopher

1953- Barry Sonnenfeld -American director and producer

1953- Alberto Zaccheroni -Italian footballer and manager

1954- Üllar Kerde -Estonian basketball player and coach

1954- Jeff Porcaro -American drummer, songwriter, and producer (Toto (band)|Toto and Clover (band)|Clover) (d. 1992)

1954- Arnold Sidebottom -English footballer and cricketer

1955- Don Hasselbeck -American football player

1955- Humayun Akhtar Khan -Pakistani politician, 5th Commerce Minister of Pakistan

1955- Terry Nichols -American criminal

1956- Jeffrey Beecroft -American production designer

1957- Andreas Deja -Polish-American animator

1957- David Gower -English cricketer

1957- Denise Nickerson -American actress

1957- Stephen O'Brien -Tanzanian-English politician

1958- D. Boon -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Minutemen (band)|Minutemen and The Reactionaries (band)|The Reactionaries) (d. 1985)

1959- Helmuth Duckadam -Romanian footballer

1959- Ivan G'Vera -Czech-American actor

1959- Margita Stefanović -Serbian keyboard player (Ekatarina Velika) (d. 2002)

1960- Michael Praed -English actor

1960- J. Christopher Stevens -American lawyer and diplomat, 10th United States Ambassador to Libya (d. 2012)

1960- Jennifer Runyon -American actress

1960- Shanna McCullough -American pornographic actress

1961- Susan Boyle -Scottish singer and actress

1961- Mark White (musician)|Mark White -English singer-songwriter and guitarist (ABC (band)|ABC)

1962- Mark Shulman (author)|Mark Shulman -American author

1962- Chris Grayling -English politician, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain

1962- Samboy Lim -Filipino basketball player

1962- Phillip Schofield -English television host

1963- Teodoro de Villa Diaz -Filipino guitarist and songwriter (The Dawn (band)|The Dawn) (d. 1988)

1964- Erik Breukink -Dutch cyclist and manager

1964- Kevin Duckworth -American basketball player (d. 2008)

1964- John Morris (cricketer)|John Morris -English cricketer

1964- José Rodrigues dos Santos -Portuguese journalist, author, and educator

1964- Scott Stevens -Canadian ice hockey player

1965- Tomas Alfredson -Swedish actor, director, and screenwriter

1965- Mark Jackson (basketball)|Mark Jackson -American basketball player and coach

1965- Robert Steadman -English composer

1965- Simona Ventura -Italian television host

1966- Chris Evans (presenter)|Chris Evans -English radio and television host

1966- Sharon Hodgson -English politician

1966- Craig Kelly (snowboarder)|Craig Kelly -American snowboarder (d. 2003)

1967- Nicola Roxon -Australian politician, 34th Attorney-General of Australia

1968- Julia Boutros -Lebanese singer

1968- Traci Lind -American actress

1968- Andreas Schnaas -German actor and director

1968- Alexander Stubb -Finnish politician

1969- Lev Lobodin -Ukrainian-Russian decathlete

1969- Fadl Shaker -Lebanese singer

1969- Dean Windass -English footballer and manager

1970- Sung-Hi Lee -South Korean-American model and actress

1970- Brad Meltzer -American author

1970- Mark Wheeler -American football player

1971- Sonia Bisset -Cuban javelin thrower

1971- Jessica Collins -American actress

1971- Karen Dunbar -Scottish actress

1971- Lachy Hulme -Australian actor and screenwriter

1971- Shinji Nakano -Japanese race car driver

1971- Danielle Smith -Canadian journalist and politician

1972- Hughes brothers|Albert Hughes -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1972- Hughes brothers|Allen Hughes -American director, producer, and screenwriter

1972- Darren McCarty -Canadian ice hockey player and sportscaster

1972- Jesse Tobias -American guitarist and songwriter (Red Hot Chili Peppers and Splendid (musical duo)|Splendid)

1973- Christian Finnegan -American comedian and actor

1973- Stephen Fleming -New Zealand cricketer

1973- Joe Francis -American businessman, founded Girls Gone Wild (franchise)|Girls Gone Wild

1973- Rachel Maddow -American journalist and author

1973- Kris Marshall -English actor

1973- Daryn Tufts -American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter

1973- Kym Wilson -Australian actress

1974- Beatriz Batarda -English-Portuguese actress

1974- Richard Christy -American drummer and actor (Death (metal band)|Death, Iced Earth, and Charred Walls of the Damned)

1974- Colby Donaldson -American television host and actor

1974- John Glen (politician)|John Glen -English politician

1974- Hugo Ibarra -Argentinian footballer

1974- Sandra Völker -German swimmer

1975- George Bastl -American-Swiss tennis player

1975- John Butler (musician)|John Butler -American-Australian singer-songwriter and producer (The John Butler Trio)

1976- David Gilliland -American race car driver

1976- David Oyelowo -English actor

1976- Clarence Seedorf -Dutch-Brazilian footballer

1976- Yuka Yoshida -Japanese tennis player

1977- Vitor Belfort -Brazilian mixed martial artist

1977- Jon Gosselin -American television personality

1977- Haimar Zubeldia -Spanish cyclist

1978- Antonio de Nigris -Mexican footballer (d. 2009)

1978- Jean-Pierre Dumont -Canadian ice hockey player

1978- Mirka Federer -Slovak-Swiss tennis player

1978- Anamaria Marinca -Romanian-English actress

1978- Etan Thomas -American basketball player

1979- Ivano Balić -Croatian handball player

1980- Dennis Kruppke -German footballer

1980- Randy Orton -American wrestler and actor

1980- Bijou Phillips -American actress and singer

1980- Yūko Takeuchi -Japanese actress

1981- Aslı Bayram -German model and actress, Miss Germany|Miss Germany 2005

1981- Aimee Chan -Canadian-Hong Kong model and actress, Miss Hong Kong|Miss Hong Kong 2006

1981- Antonis Fotsis -Greek basketball player

1981- Bjørn Einar Romøren -Norwegian ski jumper

1981- Hannah Spearritt -English actress and singer (S Club 7)

1982- Sam Huntington -American actor

1982- Taran Killam -American actor

1983- John Axford -Canadian baseball player

1983- Tamati Ellison -New Zealand rugby player

1983- Lance Hohaia -New Zealand rugby player

1983- Jussi Jokinen -Finnish-American ice hockey player

1983- Matt Lanter -American actor and model

1983- Sergey Lazarev -Russian singer, actor, and dancer (Smash!!)

1983- Ólafur Ingi Skúlason -Icelandic footballer

1983- Sean Taylor -American football player (d. 2007)

1984- Gilberto Macena -Brazilian footballer

1985- Daniel Murphy (baseball)|Daniel Murphy -American baseball player

1985- Beth Tweddle -English gymnast

1985- Josh Zuckerman (actor)|Josh Zuckerman -American actor

1986- Shunichi Miyamoto -Japanese voice actor and singer

1986- Viktor Sanikidze -Geprgian basketball player

1986- Hillary Scott (singer)|Hillary Scott -American singer-songwriter (Lady Antebellum)

1986- Ireen Wüst -Dutch speed skater

1987- Kayla Collins -American model

1987- Jenna Presley -American porn actress

1987- Ding Junhui -Chinese snooker player

1987- Gianluca Musacci -Italian footballer

1987- Li Ting (diver)|Li Ting -Chinese diver

1987- Oliver Turvey -English race car driver

1988- Alexander Bychkov -Russian serial killer

1988- Brook Lopez -American basketball player

1988- Robin Lopez -American basketball player

1988- Courtney McCool -American gymnast

1988- Alessandra Perilli -Sammarinese target shooter

1989- Jan Blokhuijsen -Dutch speed skater

1989- David N'Gog -French footballer

1989- Christian Vietoris -German race car driver

1990- Julia Fischer (athlete)|Julia Fischer -German discus thrower

1992- Deng Linlin -Chinese gymnast

1992- Sui Lu -Chinese gymnast

1993- Blair Fowler -American blogger

1993- Keito Okamoto -Japanese singer (Hey! Say! JUMP)

1993- Nico Schulz -German footballer

1994- Ella Eyre -English singer-songwriter

1997- Asa Butterfield -English actor

History of Deaths

1085- Emperor Shenzong of Song -(b. 1048)

1132- Hugh of Châteauneuf -French bishop and saint (b. 1053)

1204- Eleanor of Aquitaine -(b. 1122)

1205- Amalric II of Jerusalem -(b. 1145)

1528- Francisco de Peñalosa -Spanish composer (b. 1470)

1580- Alonso Mudarra -Spanish guitarist and composer (b. 1510)

1621- Cristofano Allori -Italian painter (b. 1577)

1682- Franz Egon of Fürstenberg -Bavarian bishop (b. 1625)

1787- Floyer Sydenham -English scholar and academic (b. 1710)

1839- Benjamin Pierce (governor)|Benjamin Pierce -American politician, 11th Governor of New Hampshire (b. 1757)

1865- Giuditta Pasta -Italian soprano (b. 1797)

1872- William Frederick Horry -English murderer (b. 1843)

1872- Frederick Denison Maurice -English theologian and academic (b. 1805)

1878- John Corry Wilson Daly -English-Canadian politician (b. 1796)

1890- David Wilber -American politician (b. 1820)

1890- Alexander Mozhaysky -Russian pilot and engineer (b. 1825)

1897- Jandamarra -Australian activist (b. 1873)

1914- Rube Waddell -American baseball player (b. 1876)

1915- Theodor Altermann -Estonian actor and director (b. 1885)

1917- Scott Joplin -American pianist and composer (b. 1868)

1920- Walter Simon (philanthropist)|Walter Simon -German banker and philanthropist (b. 1857)

1922- Charles I of Austria -(b. 1887)

1922- Hermann Rorschach -Swiss psychologist (b. 1884)

1924- Jacob Bolotin -American physician (b. 1888)

1924- Lloyd Hildebrand -French cyclist (b. 1870)

1924- Stan Rowley -Australian sprinter (b. 1876)

1925- Lars Jørgen Madsen -Danish target shooter (b. 1871)

1930- Cosima Wagner -Hungarian wife of Richard Wagner (b. 1837)

1946- Noah Beery, Sr. -American actor (b. 1882)

1947- George II of Greece -(b. 1890)

1950- Charles R. Drew -American physician and surgeon (b. 1904)

1962- Jussi Kekkonen -Finnish captain and businessman (b. 1910)

1965- Helena Rubinstein -Polish-American businesswoman (b. 1870)

1966- Brian O'Nolan -Irish author and playwright (b. 1911)

1967- Dang Van Ngu -Vietnamese physician (b. 1910)

1968- Lev Landau -Azerbaijani-Russian physicist, Nobel Prize in Physics|Nobel Prize laureate (b. 1908)

1976- Max Ernst -German painter and sculptor (b. 1891)

1979- Bruno Coquatrix -French talent manager (b. 1910)

1979- Barbara Luddy -American actress (b. 1908)

1981- Eua Sunthornsanan -Thai composer and bandleader (b. 1910)

1984- Marvin Gaye -American singer-songwriter (The Moonglows) (b. 1939)

1984- Elizabeth Goudge -English author (b. 1900)

1985- Douglass Wallop -American author and playwright (b. 1920)

1986- Erik Bruhn -Danish actor, director, and choreographer (b. 1928)

1988- Jim Jordan (actor)|Jim Jordan -American actor (b. 1896)

1991- Martha Graham -American dancer and choreographer (b. 1894)

1991- Jaime Guzmán -Chilean lawyer and politician (b. 1946)

1992- Michael Havers, Baron Havers -English lawyer and politician, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain (b. 1923)

1992- Nigel Preston -English drummer (The Cult) (b. 1959)

1993- Alan Kulwicki -American race car driver (b. 1954)

1994- Robert Doisneau -French photographer (b. 1912)

1995- H. Adams Carter -American mountaineer, journalist, and educator (b. 1914)

1995- Lucie Rie -Austrian-English potter (b. 1902)

1996- Jean Le Moyne -Canadian journalist and politician (b. 1913)

1996- John McSherry -American baseball player and umpire (b. 1944)

1997- Norman Carr -English environmentalist (b. 1912)

1997- Makar Honcharenko -Ukrainian footballer and manager (b. 1912)

1998- Gene Evans -American actor (b. 1922)

1998- Rozz Williams -American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Christian Death, Shadow Project, and Premature Ejaculation (band)|Premature Ejaculation) (b. 1963)

1999- Jesse Stone -American pianist, songwriter, and producer (b. 1901)

2000- Alexander Mackenzie Stuart, Baron Mackenzie-Stuart -Scottish jurist (b. 1924)

2001- Olivia Barclay -English astrologer (b. 1919)

2001- Jo-Jo Moore -American baseball player (b. 1908)

2001- Trinh Cong Son -Vietnamese guitarist and composer (b. 1939)

2002- Simo Häyhä -Finnish sniper (b. 1905)

2002- Gavin Pfuhl -South African cricketer and sportscaster (b. 1947)

2003- Leslie Cheung -Hong Kong singer-songwriter, producer, and actor (b. 1956)

2004- Paul Atkinson (guitarist)|Paul Atkinson -English guitarist and producer (The Zombies) (b. 1946)

2004- Aaron Bank -American colonel, founded the US Army Special Forces (b. 1902)

2004- Ioannis Kyrastas -Greek footballer and manager (b. 1952)

2004- Carrie Snodgress -American actress (b. 1946)

2004- Nilo Soruco -Bolivian-Venezuelan singer-songwriter (b. 1927)

2005- Paul Bomani -Tanzanian diplomat (b 1925)

2005- Alexander Brott -Canadian violinist, composer, and conductor (b. 1915)

2005- Harald Juhnke -German actor (b. 1929)

2005- Jack Keller (songwriter)|Jack Keller -American songwriter (b. 1936)

2005- Robert Coldwell Wood -American political scientist and educator (b. 1923)

2006- In Tam -Cambodian politician, 26th Prime Minister of Cambodia (b. 1916)

2007- Herb Carneal -American sportscaster (b. 1923)

2008- Jake Warren -Canadian diplomat, Canadian Ambassador to the United States (b. 1921)

2009- Lou Perryman -American actor (b. 1941)

2010- John Forsythe -American actor (b. 1918)

2010- Tzannis Tzannetakis -Greek politician, 175th Prime Minister of Greece (b. 1927)

2012- Ekrem Bora -Turkish actor (b. 1934)

2012- Lionel Bowen -Australian politician, Deputy Prime Minister of Australia (b. 1922)

2012- Giorgio Chinaglia -Italian-American soccer player and radio host (b. 1947)

2012- Miguel de la Madrid -Mexican politician, 52nd President of Mexico (b. 1934)

2012- Leila Denmark -American pediatrician (b. 1898)

2012- Jamaa Fanaka -American director, producer, and screenwriter (b. 1942)

2012- Jerry Lynch -American baseball player (b. 1930)

2012- N. K. P. Salve -Indian politician (b. 1921)

2013- Pavel 183 -Russian painter (b. 1983)

2013- Badr bin Abdulaziz Al Saud -Saudi Arabian commander (b. 1932)

2013- Asal Badiee -Iranian actress (b. 1977)

2013- Moses Blah -Liberian politician, 23rd President of Liberia (b. 1947)

2013- David Burge -American pianist, composer, and conductor (b. 1930)

2013- Kildare Dobbs -Canadian author (b. 1923)

2013- William H. Ginsburg -American lawyer (b. 1943)

2013- Karen Muir -South African swimmer and physician (b. 1952)

2013- Jack Pardee -American football player and coach (b. 1936)

2013- Greg Willard -American basketball player and referee (b. 1958)

2014- King Fleming -American pianist and bandleader (b. 1922)

2014- Rudolph Hargrave -American lawyer and judge (b. 1925)

2014- Jacques Le Goff -French historian and author (b. 1924)

2014- Andrew Joseph McDonald -American bishop (b. 1923)

2014- Bill Mitchell (ice hockey)|Bill Mitchell -Canadian-American ice hockey player and coach (b. 1930)

2014- Rolf Rendtorff -German theologian and academic (b. 1925)