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booksCultura de Honor: Manteniendo Un Entomo Sobrenatural (Spanish Edition) by Danny Silk (Mar 1, 2014)

booksTrudy chetvertogo Vserossiiskogo entomo-fitopatologic... sezda v Moskve 8-14 dekabria 1922 goda (Vol-1) (Russian... by Vserossiiskii entomo-fitopatologicheskii sezd (Apr 29, 2012)

booksTrudy vtorogo Vserossiiskogo entomo-fitopatologic... sezda v Petrograde, 25-30 oktiabria 1920 goda (Vol-1)... by Vserossiiskii entomo-fitopatologicheskii sezd (Apr 29, 2012)

booksCatalogue Library Royal Entomo

booksTorre-Bueno's Glossary of Entomo;ogy - Supplement A. (1960, Zoology, phamphlet, Brooklyn Entomological Society... by George S. Tulloch (1960)

booksto entomo mesa sou / τo έντομο μέσα σου by shirley john (2007)

booksMitteilungen Der Schweizerischen Entomo


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Field of study, Literature Subject

Entomology is the scientific study of insects, a branch of arthropodology. In the past the term "insect" was more vague, and historically the definition of entomology included the study of terrestrial animals in other arthropod groups or other phyla,...


Entomophagy is the consumption of insects as food. The eggs, larvae, pupae and adults of certain insect species have been eaten by man since prehistoric times and continue to be an item of the human nutrition in modern times. While insects are eaten...