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urbana sweet/cool dog.

urbanLook at that little deeder over there.

urbanWord used to describe a group of people. Also called Wavers, Freaks, Punks, Non Conformist. This word was popular to the sub culture of misfits during the mid 80's to the first part of 2000. Deeders were not Jocks. Preps, Burnouts/Stoners, Geeks/Nerds, Redneck/Crackers or part the Gangster Rap/Hip Hop movement. Which was what most people were labeled in the mid 80's. This sub group was a melting pot for a verity of people who mainly were grouped to together by early alliterative/ independent music. Which at the time alliterative music included. Hybrid Rap I.E.Political/Reggie or other non-traditional Hip Hop, Industrial, Punk, House/Electronic, Rockabilly, Reggie, Surf punk, New Age, Gothic, Freestyle, Grunge, Hardcore and what we still call alternative today. Deeders as a group of people contained Punks, Skaters, Rastas, New Wavers, Surfers, Freaks, Mods/Hardcores, Grunge, Hippies, and Strait Edge. Today Deeders have evolved to spawn several sub cultures of their own. Some existing and some now extinct. These include GenXers, Club kids/Ravers, Goths, Emos, Hipsters, Rockabilly/Greasers, Sceans, Gamers, OtherKin, Juggalo, Fanboys and many more now have there own group label. Deeder today is mostly used to describe a female who is part of the Punk,Alternative,Hippie,Goth, and New Age sub culture.

urbanThe concert was full of deeders. I felt like the only normal person there

urbann. Human male reproductive organ

urban"Eric, stop poking me with your deeder." Ann Cap


Songs about Deeder:

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Books about Deeder:

booksSWEET PETER DEEDER II a.k.a. 'MR. SWEETS' by Odie Hawkins (Jun 12, 2008)

booksSweet Peter Deeder by Odie Hawkins (2013)

booksSuper Goof - The Dastardly Good Deeders (Walt Disney) by Disney Productions (1979)

booksFive years of a workmen's co-operative;: A case study of the Kashinathpur-Balarampur Deeder Sramik Samabaya Samity... by M. Ameerul Huq (1965)


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