• Vocabulary Vitamin for June 26: Eloquent Name-Calling

    Today's Vocabulary Vitamin is a somewhat tactful way to call someone a self important bore. Take this with a grain of glee and use it wisely: Panjandrum, No doubt you are far too gracious and polite to label every self important, pompous, overbearing person you run across a self-important, pompous, overbearing person.
  • Stonyfield Farm YoBaby Organic Baby Yogurt: One of My Favorite Baby Foods

    When choosing nourishment for a baby, parents want it to be the best and what's better for baby than organic baby food? A baby's stomach is very sensitive, so the less preservatives and harmful chemicals that are in the product, the better. Healthy babies are happy babies, in my opinion. YoBaby Organic Baby Yogurt is one of my favorite organic foods for babies.
  • Introducing Your Baby to New Fruits and Vegetables

    When your baby has mastered the very fine purees and simple flavors most often introduced as the first solid foods, it's time to start incorporating new flavors into your baby's diet. When your baby starts to enjoy more variety, it's time to think outside of the box. Get beyond the typical apples and bananas and offer your baby some different and often overlooked fruits and vegetables that offer up tons of nutrition and plenty of flavor.
  • How to Successfully Breast Feed Your Baby

    Breast-feeding is a natural and wonderful experience for new moms and it is also a wonderful part of parenting. Many parents are scared when they get ready to breast-feed their baby.
  • How to Purchase a Combination Car Seat and Stroller Baby Travel System

    When shopping for a baby travel system, there are many features that you should look for. All baby strollers should have a five point harness system for safety when securing the baby into the stroller.
  • How to Make a Hospital Birth a Natural Birth: After the Baby is Born

    The time that you spend apart from your baby from the time they are born to the time that you are holding them in you arms will be determined by the birth that you have. If you had to have a c-section of course then you and the baby will have some recovery time apart, however in the case of having a natural birth there is no reason that you can't be holding your newborn almost instantly.
  • How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes: And the Amazing Results They Had for My Child

    Store bought wipes have chemical cleaning agents and chemical preservatives in them that can actually cause diaper rashes. When babies' skin is notoriously sensitive, and a large part of everything you put ON your skin gets absorbed INTO your body (think about how nicotine and birth control patches work), why would a parent want to wipe on harmful and irritating chemicals onto their child's diaper area every time they get a diaper change? I'll tell you how we made the switch to homemade baby wipes and what it has done for our family.
  • How to Get Baby to Sleep: The 5-10-15 Method

    Babies come into the world without knowledge of the earthly cycles of day and night. For their own benefit, and that of the parents, the sooner they learn that nights are for sleeping, the better
  • Make Baby Shower Thank You Note Cards

    Did your friends and family just throw you a baby shower? Do you have a bunch of thank you notes to write? Here is a craft to make creative baby shower thank you note cards that will stand out when you say thank you.
  • How to Afford All of Your New Baby Needs

    Are you expecting a new addition to your family but finding the finances are pretty tight? This is a common situation for many parents. Even wealthy parents will want to formulate a baby budget to help them keep track of their baby related expenses.
  • Help! My Baby Won't Let Me Change His Diaper: What to Do When Your Baby Fights Diaper Changes

    Your little bundle of joy is growing up. Perhaps he or she is starting to crawl, babble and even pull him/herself up. He/she might be developing a personality of his or her own, and perhaps even has a temper.
  • Five Essential Nutrients Your Baby Needs

    A baby can be a picky eater and might not like to eat or drink certain foods, and this can hamper their development if certain nutrients are not taken in.
  • Cupcake Cup Baby Bird: Paper Crafts for Kids 18 Months and Up

    Cupcake Cup Baby Bird: Paper Crafts for Kids 18 Months and Up
  • An Additional Five Baby Items for Expectant Parents

    Expectant parents need so many items that it can become overwhelming. Everyone tells you what you need and what you don't, but ultimately it is a personal choice.
  • After My Baby is Born, How Much Weight Can I Expect to Lose?

    Being pregnant is a wonderful experience that can bring much joy into your life. However, there is one concern on the mind of most all pregnant women especially if it is their first child.
  • Snapping Turtle and Soft-Shelled Turtle: Names and Basic Characteristics

    Being pregnant is a wonderful experience that can bring much joy into your life. However, there is one concern on the mind of most all pregnant women especially if it is their first child.
  • Common Sense Baby Cream - Not The Best Diaper Cream Out There

    I have tried out eight different diaper creams on my baby boy. One of the diaper creams that I used on him was the Common Sense Baby Cream.
  • Baby Crib Recall: Generation 2 Worldwide and ChildESIGNS Cribs Recalled

    All parents and caregivers need to take notice of this important product safety information
  • Baby in the House

    Six year old Lacey always loved babies, until one day her parents brought home her new baby brother, Conrad. His tiny hands and feet, cute little face and nose didn't impress Lacey as much as it did her parents.
  • 45 Baby Names that Mean Music

    For some parents, the definition of a name is just as important as the sound. Music is universal and names with musical definitions make great choices for your little ones. Musical names come from many countries and heritages. They have simple and creative spellings and various sound options. Let's take a look at the great name options that have musical definitions.