Make Baby Shower Thank You Note Cards

Did your friends and family just throw you a baby shower? Do you have a bunch of thank you notes to write? Here is a craft to make creative baby shower thank you note cards that will stand out when you say thank you.

These cards could also work nicely as baby announcements, to announce the birth of your baby to friends and family and the community. If you make these as baby announcements you will want to add the baby's birthday and the baby's weight at birth. Also include the baby's full name.

Be creative with the photo you select. Select a photo that really represents your family's personality and style. You could use a photo of the baby with both of its parents, or maybe just the mother. You could select a photo of the baby asleep or a photo of the baby awake. There are so many choices.

For this craft you will need:

blank cards in any color, ideally pink or blue

photos of your baby


calligraphy pen

rubber stamp of baby foot

stamp pad in pink or blue ink

Select a photo of your baby that you like and have it copied enough times to make thank you cards. So if you have twenty-five cards, get twenty-five copies. Then count out the cards and glue the photo onto the card.

You can use any color of blank cards, but it is nice to use either pink for a girl, or blue for a baby boy. Or you could also use a seasonal color - a nice rich yellow or orange for an autumn baby or a green or red or white for a winter baby. Be creative and select something that appeals to your sense of style and personality.

Under the photo write "Thank You" using the calligraphy pen. Even if you don't know how to write in traditional calligraphy style, a calligraphy pen will make your handwriting look more attractive. Find a calligraphy pen (marker style) that matches or compliments your cards. So if you are writing for blue cards, consider using a green or purple pen. If you are writing pink cards consider using a purple or dark pink pen.

On the inside of the card, write your thank you note. Then sign it. Once you have signed it, add the baby foot to the signature and then write under the baby foot your baby's name. This will look really cute.

When you seal the cards, stamp the baby foot on the back of the card. Address as usual.