An Additional Five Baby Items for Expectant Parents

Expectant parents need so many items that it can become overwhelming. Everyone tells you what you need and what you don't, but ultimately it is a personal choice. Sandra Lee started a great list with her article Top Ten Baby Items for Expectant Parents. Read on for an additional five necessary items for expectant parents.

1. Car Seat
Sandra Lee mentioned a stroller in her article. While her description of the stroller mentioned that it is part of a travel system and comes with an infant car seat, her article neglected to mention a car seat separate from the travel system. A travel system comes with the stroller, infant car seat base, and infant carrier that snaps into the base. These car seats can be used generally up to twenty pounds, but check the manufacturer guidelines. Once the baby has exceeded this amount, she will need a standard car seat. A personal favorite is the Britax Roundabout. The Britax Roundabout has the highest in safety stats, is easy to install, and is very comfortable. My daughter falls asleep easily in her Britax Roundabout. A car seat is one of the most necessary items for expectant parents.

2. Bassinet
A bassinet is a great item to have with e newborn baby and any expectant parent would surely get use out of one. When choosing a bassinet, look for one that is on wheels. This makes life so much easier if you want to bring the baby into the bedroom, living room, or even the bathroom while you take a quick shower. Many bassinets now come with the ability to lower one side so that the bassinet can be brought right up next to the bed. This is safer than co-sleeping but provides the closeness that parents enjoy and can make it easier for those night feedings. Most bassinets now come with an attachment that includes soothing classical music and a vibration feature. These can be invaluable to a parent who is running on little sleep. A bassinet is not an absolute necessity for the expectant parent, but it can make life a little smoother.

3. Bottle Warmer
A bottle warmer can make life infinitely easier. In the good old days, bottles were heated up in boiling water. While some mothers still use this method, others foolishly put the bottle into the microwave. This can be very dangerous and is not recommended by and bottle manufacturer. A bottle warmer can heat up an entire bottle in under a minute. This is great for when the baby is crying and inconsolable. A bottle warmer will help save time and sanity, making it a necessary item for expectant parents.

4. Baby Bathtub
Obviously, it would be difficult and unsafe to bathe a baby in a regular size bathtub. While it is possible to bathe an infant in the sink, a baby bathtub makes the process significantly easier and safer. Many of the baby bathtubs now come with a flexible insert that will cradle the baby and keep her head above the water. This will free both of your hands to wash the baby and wrap the baby in a towel. Some baby bathtubs are even equipped with a shower attachment, making it that much easier to rinse off your newborn. A baby bathtub is a necessity for the expectant parent.

5. Medical Supply Kit
A medical supply kit can be purchased already put together or can be purchased separately. The medical supply kit should contain such items as a rectal thermometer, Vaseline, infant Tylenol or Motrin, gas relief drops, Baby Orajel, and a syringe for dispensing medication. These items are always good to keep on hand and the thermometer is definitely a necessity. Every expectant parent should keep a medical supply kit on hand so when the baby does become ill, there is no need to worry or have to head out to the store. Nobody likes to see their child sick or in pain and so a medical supply kit can help ease the worry. The expectant parent will need these items.

There are so many things the expectant parents need. Some of the necessities include a car seat, bassinet, baby bathtub, medical supply kit, and bottle warmer. Each of these items will make life a little easier on the parents of a newborn.