10 Uses for Baby Powder

What do we think of when we hear the word, "baby powder"? Naturally we think of sweet little babies. Well, baby powder has many more uses then just for going on a babies bottom. It can be used around the house, in the kitchen, as a beauty aid and much more. Here is a short list of the many, useful uses of baby powder.

1. For ant problems, sprinkle some baby powder under doors were the ants come in at, and also along window sills. Ants will not walk through the powder.

2. To make putting rubber gloves on easier, sprinkle a little bit of baby powder inside the gloves or on your hands. The gloves will slip right on.

3. Do your sheets feel hot and sticky on warm summer nights? Sprinkle a little bit of baby powder between your sheets before getting into bed, this will help to absord perspiration.

4. Having trouble untangling that knot in a necklace? Sprinkle some baby powder on the necklace and then work it apart. The powder will act as a lubricant.

5. Sand gets everywhere, and no matter how hard you try it sticks to you.. Sprinkle baby powder over sandy, wet kids and adults to adsorb the moisture, and then simply brush away the sand.

6. For all of those old, musty, mildewed books you don't read but want to keep, sprinkle baby powder between the pages and let sit for several hours, or even a few days. Then gently brush out the remaining powder with a soft brush.

7. Many homes, old and new have squeaky floorboards, here is a quick fix. Sprinkle some baby powder between the boards and sweep in well into the cracks. No more squeaky floor.

8. When shaving your legs with an electric razor, sprinkle them with baby powder. This will help to reduce friction burn.

9. If you get a grease stain on your shirt while cooking, dab the stain with baby powder, rub it in good, then brush off any loose powder. Do this till the stain is gone.

10. To give your dogs coat a little pick me up, rub in a few hand full's of baby powder. Be sure to get the baby powder in the coat really well, then give your dog a good brushing. His coat will not only look better, but will also smell better. This can be used on yourself as well.